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This is a real motor customer claims story.

“He’s never had an accident before. He’s just hit two parked cars. He never knew what happened. He said ‘I’ll probably never drive again.’ Then I said ‘Oh, in a few days’ time, it’s one of those things.’ It wasn’t just like the normal ‘being shook up because I’ve hit two cars.’

“When I’m talking to him, he was just all over the place. I just knew there was something more astray. Then he said to me ‘I might have got this virus thing.’” Our colleague tried to call the police local post office and doctor for help. She couldn’t get through to the police so tried again the next day.

“Tried again, I got through really, really quickly. And I just said, tried to sort of explain that he’s been in a really bad car accident a couple of days ago and I just don’t think it’s shock. I think it’s something that he’s not very well.”

The police visited but couldn’t give more details.

“So then when the engineer came back to me and said ‘I’ve got the valuation but you’ve got vulnerable on your file, what do you want to do?’. And I said ‘I would like you to call him please, if you can, but can you let me know what the outcome is?’. And I just thought ‘alarm bells’, I’ve now got a really good reason to call the police back and just say ‘can you tell me the outcome because we need to know what to do with his car.’

“I spoke to this other PC and she just said ‘If you hadn’t have called us, you’ve probably saved this man’s life because when we got round there, he was really, really poorly – and we got an ambulance straight away.’

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