This just in: children destroy houses

Stained carpets. Smashed TVs. Torn sofas. If you're a parent, you've probably seen it all.

By Remy Maisel

School’s out, and you know what that means: the total destruction of your home!

Aviva data show that ‘accidental damage’ home insurance claims increase during the school holidays, with claims in August 2018 almost a third higher than in June 2018. The most common claims? Smashed TVs, phones down toilets, and unspeakable things done to carpets 1.

“Our claims data seems to suggest a relationship between school holiday periods and an increase in accidental damage claims. It makes sense that having more people at home - particularly children - increases the risk of mishaps around the house,” says Adam Beckett, Product Director. 

That may make sense, but hiding phones down the toilet does not. And yet this is what a customer’s grandson did. Do you know who would never do that? A dog. 

A dog would also never leave a tablet to charge on the lounge carpet until it overheats and singes the carpet, or swing on the door of the tumble drier until it breaks, or drop something heavy in the bathtub that makes a crack nobody notices until it’s filled with water and leaks through the ceiling below. 

Or turn on the grill on the cooker before the family goes out for the day, breaking it so it melts two drawers and a kitchen cupboard. Or play with colourful slime on a carpet, or scissors on the sofa (results predictable). Aren’t dogs great?

Children are very bad for homes. You should keep them outside, in some sort of purpose-built structure. A kidhouse, if you will. 

5 tips to keep your home and your belongings safe from children:

  1. Keep breakable things out of the reach of children – lock them up (the valuables, ideally, not the children as this is not allowed).
  2. Don’t forget that children can climb on chairs or other children if they’re really determined. Children are also breakable
  3. Thieves also climb, so make sure your windows are closed as well as your doors to prevent opportunistic theft during good weather.
  4. Make sure you have enough home insurance cover for your needs, and you’ve declared any specified items worth more than £1,500-£2,000. Check out our accidental damage cover for extra protection.
  5. If it’s not too late for you, maybe get a dog instead.  

*Remy Maisel does not like children. Her views do not necessarily reflect those of Aviva

**Pets can damage your property too. Find out more here

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