Home security measures


The chart shows the percentage of respondents having the listed home security measures in place, in order of popularity. The highest figure is for people not currently taking any security measures at home (35.26%). The most popular measure is a burglar alarm, followed by owning a dog, then fitting a video or camera security outside or CCTV.


Percentage value presented on the image:

Security measure Percentage
I do not currently take any home security measures 35.26%
Burglar alarm 27.52%
Dog 23.78%
Video or camera security outside 16.93%
CCTV 16.68%
Smart doorbell 14.84%
'CCTV in operation' house sign 11.19%
Video security inside 10.19%
'Beware of the dog' sign 9.74%
Other 2.65%


The bar chart represents the number most popular security measures in place in people’s homes, with bars for each security measure lined up vertically and the heights representing the percentage for each.

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