Suspicious behaviour in the neighbourhood


The chart shows the actions people would take if they saw someone acting suspiciously in their neighbourhood, by percentage. Most people (54%) say they would notify the police immediately, with just 3% fewer (51%) saying they would notify their neighbours. More than one in 10 would only notify the police later at a convenient time, and 9% of people would do nothing.


Percentage value presented on the image:

Notify the police immediately 54.35%
Notify your neighbours 51.20%
Take a photo as evidence 51.05%
Notify your community via a Facebook group or social media 28.02%
Notify the police later at a convenient time 13.19%
Do nothing 8.89%
Other 1.65%


The bar chart represents the percentage of people who would take what type of action if they identified suspicious activity in their neighbourhood. They are represented in columns lined up vertically with the heights showing the percentage that would take each action, with the highest percentage on the left.

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