Perceived flood risk

The chart shows the percentage of people who believe their home is at no risk of flooding compared to those who believe it is at low or high risk.

The highest value is for people who said ‘no, not at all’ when asked if they thought their home is at risk (73%). The lowest value said ‘yes, high risk’ (7%).


Responses to the question ‘do you think your home is at risk of flooding?'

Response Percentage of respondents
No, not at all 73%
Yes, low risk 20%
Yes, high risk 7%

All data taken from the Aviva Flood Report December 2020


  • The pie chart circle represents the total number of people who took part in the research. 
  • The circle is split into three different slices. Each slice represents one of the possible responses.  
  • The larger the slice the more people chose that response.