Use of home sharing sites

Accommodation sharing apps and sites like Airbnb, One Fine Stay and Flipkey make up one of the fastest growing sectors in the sharing economy. Almost anyone can now host paying guests, but at what cost?

We surveyed 1,000 hosts and 1,000 guests in September 2019:


  • More than half of hosts (53%) have experienced or suffered damage, including breakages and spillage
  • Just under half (48%) reported theft of personal items or furniture
  • 18% told us guests had left their homes in an unacceptable state
  • Half of hosts remove belongings when guests come to stay
  • 81% said they would consider using a home-security system, for example a security camera, to monitor guests. A quarter of those said they wouldn’t inform guests that cameras were in place
  • 39% of respondents who have already listed their property on home-sharing sites are living in rented accommodation


  • Two-thirds (66%) said they had broken or damaged something. 
  • Most owned up and offered to pay (35%) or replace the item (28%)
  • 13% said they blamed the damage on someone else and 9% hid the damage
  • 38% of those who’ve stayed in a home-share are actively considering listing their own property

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