Our latest How we Live report provides insights into people’s working habits, multigenerational living expectations, home possessions, attitudes toward green transport and staycation holiday plans.

Pandemic purchases

  • UK residents spent £6.6 billion on household items they no longer use 1 during the pandemic.
  • 88% of UK adults spent money on ‘treat’ purchases for themselves and their homes, costing £1,205 on average.

Multi-generational living 

  • A third of UK adults with older relatives would consider sharing a home with them.
  • But more than half of UK adults would have concerns about living in a multi-generational home.

Career plans

  • The number of workers planning career changes as a result of Covid-19 increased from 53% in July 2020 to 65% in October 2021.
  • Two-thirds of workers believe the pandemic has helped companies to become more flexible.

Greener transport plans, fewer vehicles 

  • Two-thirds (64%) of UK adults say they are making a conscious effort to use more environmentally friendly forms of transport, such as walking, cycling and electric vehicles. 
  • Almost a third (29%) of UK adults say they have reduced the number of cars for their home since the start of the pandemic.

Holiday plans

  • 43% of UK adults are planning a holiday before the end of 2021.
  • More than a third of UK adults have already booked breaks for 2022.

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