Our latest How We Live report looks at how green habits are affecting people’s everyday lives, career aspirations, holidays, transport plans and future homes .

By Sarah Lewis

Green behaviours

  • Two-thirds of UK adults feel guilty for carrying out environmentally unfriendly actions.
  • People’s green actions have increased after falling during the pandemic – but under-25s still lag behind.
  • More than half of UK adults have witnessed green “virtue signalling” from others.

Career plans

  • Three fifths of UK workers would consider moving to a greener role.
  • Engineering, finance and IT workers are among the keenest to make a greener move.
  • Almost-two thirds of workers (64%) would consider taking a pay cut if a new role offered other benefits

Green holiday plans

  • Nearly a quarter of UK holidaymakers say they travel by boat or train to reduce carbon footprint.
  • Two-thirds of UK holidaymakers are seeking greener travel options.
  • A third of UK travellers are taking less luggage to reduce their environmental impact.

Pre-loved purchases and make-do and mend

  • Books in UK more likely to be bought second-hand than new.
  • Under-25s up to twice as likely to buy pre-owned items than other age groups.
  • Nine out of 10 UK consumers repair damaged items rather than replacing.

Greener transport plans

  • The number of people planning to buy a hybrid model for their next vehicle is now higher than those intending to purchase a petrol model (36% vs 29%).
  • Research shows an 11-fold increase in people planning to buy a fully electric vehicle (since 2017).
  • Seven in 10 UK adults say they are making a conscious effort to use more environmentally friendly forms of transport.

Greener homes

  • Two-thirds of UK home buyers would consider purchasing an eco-property.
  • Half of UK residents would consider installing a heat-pump in their homes.
  • Around three fifths (58%) of UK adults would consider installing solar panels at their homes.

How We Live report 2022

How green habits are changing our careers, homes, travel plans and more.

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