Attitudes to renting in the UK

We asked British renters how much they spend on rent, how often they move and what their feelings are about renting long-term.

We discovered:

  • 28% of people in the UK rent, either privately, from a housing association or from the council
  • Around 3 in 8 people told us they think renting will become the most common type of housing for future generations
  • A quarter of renters spend more than half of their household income on rent and 1 in 20 spend 80% or more of their household income on it
  • 62% of people are renting because they can't afford to save for a house right now
  • 40% of renters had moved at least once in the last 3 years
  • Half of renters say they feel there is a stigma attached to renting
  • Fewer than two-thirds of renters (64%) have home contents and just 39% have life insurance

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