AvivaPlus: a fairer future for insurance customers

Find out why people are switching to AvivaPlus, the new type of insurance which puts you in control.

It’s that time again. Your insurance renewal notice came through and it’s time to pick up the phone and face the awkward haggling situation with the insurer on the premium. What a drag.

If this is something you’ve done before, you’re not alone. Our study 1 found that having to haggle over the price was second in a list of top five frustrations when looking for, or renewing insurance policies. 

Other annoyances included complex and lengthy policy documents and having to switch because of increased prices or new customer discounts. Number one was not being rewarded for renewing with their current insurer.  

We introduced AvivaPlus to address these irritations. It's an industry-first that aims to rebuild confidence in insurance companies.

Here’s a rundown of the benefits:

1. Rewarding loyal customers 

One of AvivaPlus’s innovations is a renewal price guarantee. This means your renewal price will be the same or less than if you were a new customer.

How does it work? Your renewal price is automatically generated and reviewed against a new AvivaPlus customer premium and is calculated at the same time on a like-for-like basis. 

This means you must have the same level of cover and claims history; so, if you’re about to renew your car insurance, it must be for the same car, the same-named drivers, and your living circumstances must not have changed.

Also, you can potentially claim discounts if you’re already an Aviva customer or want to buy both car and household cover. For example, multiproduct holders can claim a 10% discount 2 on their next policy.

2. A fairer monthly payment system 

Some people are unable to pay a one-off sum for an annual insurance policy and choose monthly payments to spread the cost. Unfortunately, it's often more expensive as interest charges are added to your premium. 

Our study found 61% of consumers felt this just wasn’t fair and with AvivaPlus, all customers pay monthly and there’s no added interest.

3. Flexible cover

Our study also showed that 72% of people felt that being charged to cancel or change a policy was unfair. AvivaPlus policyholders can cancel or alter their cover without being stung by an admin fee. 

This is a great bonus if your circumstances change, for instance, if you’ve sold or upgraded your car, or if you move homes quite often. 

4. Quick and easy

Getting a quote for AvivaPlus car or home insurance is straightforward and fast. We’ve cut out the complicated questions, so it only takes a few minutes online. Of course, you'll still be able to talk to advisors if you prefer, but if you take out your policy online you may also be eligible for a discount. 

This is how Aviva saves money and pass benefits on to you with reduced renewal premiums. Making a claim is also simple – either go online or call the claims centre. 

5. Three levels of cover 

AvivaPlus policies have three simple levels of cover: basic, regular and premium. You can choose the level and price that suits you and switch without being charged. People who buy home and car insurance together also benefit from a single renewal date as well as a multiproduct discount. 

AvivaPlus is currently only available for household and car insurance. 

How AvivaPlus compares to other insurers

  Pay monthly with no interest RPG No cancellation fee No fee to make any changes
Car insurance
Multicar insurance
Car insurance
Direct Line
Car insurance
Direct Premier

Source: www.aviva.com/newsroom/news-releases/2018/12/new-subscription-style-insurance-gives-greater-choice-and-flexibility

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