Five reasons to try a dash cam in 2020

Dash cam in car

Most people know that dash cams can be useful to have – but do you know all the ways they can help?

By Remy Maisel

According to an Aviva survey, 5 million UK drivers use a dash cam, and over half of drivers who don’t would consider using one in the future 1 – and for good reason.

From protecting you from fraud to shaving money off your insurance premiums, dash cams are among the most popular car gadgets, and their popularity is increasing. If you aren’t already, here are our top five reasons you should try a dash cam this year:

1. They can help protect against fraud

Criminals sometimes stage an accident intending to get your insurer to pay out for a fraudulent claim. This can cause months of stress and you may lose your no claims bonus. “From an insurance perspective, dash cams are useful to protect against being the victim of staged or fraudulent accidents,” says Martin Smith, Motor Technical Claims Manager. 

One of the most common types of fraudulent accidents is a scam called cash for crash, where the driver in front of you will suddenly brake, leaving you no time to stop. The other driver will immediately get out and blame you for the crash and exchange insurance details, then drive away. Having a dash cam to capture footage of their actions can give you peace of mind that you’ll be protected against this kind of scam and get criminals convicted.

2. They can help speed up any potential claims

Often, after an accident, it’s not immediately clear who’s at fault and if there will need to be an investigation. During this time, you’ll likely have to pay your excess upfront even if it turns out you aren’t to blame and wait for a refund.  

“A dash cam can provide real-time evidence of who was at fault in an accident. This helps establish liability so we can pursue claims or make recoveries to protect your driving record and No Claims Discount,” says Martin.   

Even if you’re at fault, the footage could help get things resolved quickly so that you can get back on the road.

3. You can be a good citizen

Without a dash cam, you might witness an accident or a crime but not remember important details like number plates to be able to help in any investigations. According to Martin, with a dash cam you might be able to report bad driving to the authorities or even respond to calls from the police for footage that will help in investigations. 

“Not only can you capture how vehicles might have been driven prior to an accident, but also sometimes who was seen in the vicinity of a crime scene,” says Martin.

4. They’re easier to use than ever

Previously, dash cams could be cumbersome and had to be hardwired into a vehicle’s power source. That meant locating the vehicle’s fuse box and routing power cables. Now, many are available that just attach to the windscreen with suction cups or double-sided tape. They’re small, discreet, and very easy to set up and use.

You can even use apps like the free Aviva Drive app which has a dash cam function. It offers automatic collision detection, using G-Force readings to detect and record collisions. In the event of an incident, customers can also submit footage directly to us through the app. 

5. Not only are they free, some reward safer drivers

Aviva Drive and other dash cam apps are free, so you have nothing to lose. Our Aviva app tracks driving habits like acceleration, cornering, and braking and rewards safe drivers with a discount on their insurance. It saves customers an average of £170 2 on an annual policy. 

Want to try a dash cam?

Safer drivers could get a discount on car insurance.