Buying a diamond-studded gift this Valentine’s Day? Here’s one more way things could go horribly wrong

Couple getting engaged in the cafe

If you’re planning to whip something sparkly out at the dinner table on Valentine’s Day, you may want to make sure you’re fully covered by your home insurance, as many policies have a Single Item Limit of £1,500-2,000.

By Remy Maisel

It’s Valentine’s Day, and you’ve made the dinner reservation. Your date has shown up. She’s enjoyed a glass of prosecco or two. She had the risotto, you had the ribeye. She went to the loo and you seized the moment: when nobody was looking, you dropped a glittering diamond ring into the remains of her custard. 

The ring is very shiny indeed because it cost £5,190 – three times the average monthly UK salary after tax 1. Unfortunately, it’s also above the Single Item Limit of most home insurance policies, which will be an issue shortly.

Your date returns from the loo and puts her napkin on the table. 

“All finished?” asks the waiter. 

“Yes,” she says, smiling at him, “I couldn’t eat another bite.”

The waiter whisks away the plate, and you try to stop him. “Wait!” you start to say, but it’s too late. He’s already gone. 

“You alright, love?” your date asks, concerned, as you are now turning as red as the centre of the perfectly-cooked rare steak you had barely been able to taste. 

The door to the kitchen is swinging back and forth and you can see the busboy scraping it clean. 

You are completely paralysed. What should you do? Ask her anyway, without the ring? Run into the kitchen and dig through the bins? Would this be something she would be able to laugh about – eventually? 

By the time you can move, the bin has been emptied into a large skip out the back of the restaurant, which is heaving. This is one of the busiest nights of the year, after all. 

Your date looks disappointed. You aren’t very good company right now. Five thousand, one hundred and ninety pounds, you keep thinking to yourself as the blood pounds in your temples throughout the cab ride home. Maybe you can claim it on your insurance?

Alas, you can't. You excuse yourself as soon as you get home and go to the loo. Your date goes to sit on the sofa. You sit on the toilet and open the MyAviva app. 

You check your home insurance policy. You didn't contact Aviva to let us know that you'd purchased valuable jewellery and add it to your policy. Your Single Item Limit is £2,000. Things like jewellery and watches worth more than that need to be registered. The ring isn’t covered. 

You look at the door. Can you salvage this evening? Should you tell her what happened? You'd probably feel better knowing if anyone on Earth has been as stupid as you. 

It turns out that Aviva had 23,807 claims where there was inadequate cover between 2018 and 2019, and 6,873 2 were for personal belongings.

Well. At least it’s not just you. 

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