5 things to check when buying a second-hand electric or hybrid car

As more of us make the switch to hybrid and electric vehicles, here's what to look out for when buying your next car.

By Steve Smethurst

If you're buying a used hybrid or electric vehicle, you should consider the same points as a traditional used car, but there are some other things it's important to check, says CarStore regional leader Carl Kendall.

  1. Check the battery quality of the vehicle and ensure that it will meet your needs. Many vehicles' onboard computers will give you an idea of what average range (the distance the car will go between charges) you can expect.
  2. Check for battery lease agreements – some electric vehicles come with battery lease agreements that mean you own the vehicle, but lease the battery, removing any concerns if the battery fails. Note that this comes with an associated monthly cost, which you will have to continue to pay.
  3. Along with your standard warranty, it's worth checking the length of the warranty on the battery, this is often longer than traditional warranties at around 5-8 years, giving you more peace of mind.
  4. If you plan to charge the vehicle in public it's also worth checking if the car is compatible with rapid charging, increasing your options to charge quickly on the go.
  5. Buyers should also check there is a service centre/franchised dealer within reach of their home address that has the infrastructure and technology to service the vehicle. At some point you'll need a service or a repair.

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