Can you guess which unbelievable insurance claims are real?

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From cars mashed by potatoes to deer wreaking havoc in homes and gardens, here are some of the strangest real-life claims that came our way.

By Katy Brown

Sometimes you just had to be there… and we certainly were when some of our UK insurance customers found themselves in some weird and wonderful situations.

We’ve unearthed some of the most unusual claims we’ve heard. But can you guess which are real and which aren’t? Check out the scenarios and see if you can guess what happened.

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“This brought a whole other meaning to fast food”

a) It started raining potatoes for one customer when they were unexpectedly pelted with spuds as they drove past a tractor.

b) One unlucky driver lost control of their car and crashed through the window of a McDonald’s restaurant.

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“I really had no i-deer that something like this could happen”

a) A curious deer broke some glass in a customer’s conservatory after venturing into the garden and getting spooked by their barking dog.

b) A deer quickly regretted its decision to go for a dip after plunging into a customer’s outdoor swimming pool.

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“I was quite literally spitting feathers”

a) Why did the chicken cross the road? In this case, it was to force our driver to brake suddenly and get rear-ended by another car.

b) One homeowner had their feathers ruffled after a bird flew down their chimney and caused damage to the carpet and furniture.

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“This incy wincy spider…”

a) Scared one customer so badly by scuttling up her leg while she was driving that she bumped into a parked car.

b) Proved a customer had very poor aim when they threw a book at it and managed to crack their glass coffee table instead.

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“It’s a good job my partner kept droning on about getting insurance”

a) A curious driver was so distracted by a low flying drone they didn’t notice the car in front of them had stopped… until they ran right into the back of it.

b) In a case of adding insult to injury, a drone knocked a roof-tile off a customer’s house, sending both the drone and the tile crashing on to their parked car below. 

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“I got my just desserts for being so careless”

a) A home insurance customer’s phone stopped working after she dropped it in custard.

b) A customer was left with charred curtains and scorch marks on the wall after attempting to set a Christmas pudding alight.

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“When I called to make my claim, I was asked Howzat happened?”

a) A car insurance customer was waiting patiently in the car park next to a cricket ground when a ball came flying out of nowhere and dented their bonnet

b) A traveller was enjoying an energetic game of beach cricket when they tripped. After injuring their ankle, they had to be carried to the hospital by locals.

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“I didn’t expect it to go with quite such a bang”

a) A father and son science experiment went wrong when their homemade rocket exploded and set fire to the garden shed.

b) It was a case of the Great British Blast Off for one amateur baker when the door of her oven exploded.

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“I’ve been experiencing a few toilet troubles”

a) A holidaymaker needed a check-up at a local hospital after a portable toilet she was inside tipped over in the wind. 

b) A driver thought he was on a roll with his journey, until a toilet cistern fell off a truck onto his car.

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“I guess there’s no point crying over spilled …”

a) Milk. A customer slipped on spilled milk and tore down their window blinds while reaching for something to grab.

b) Paint. A customer spilled paint over his living room carpet and furniture after tripping over the cat

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“It was a story with a real sting in the tail”

a) A sneaky wasp surprised one customer so much she spilled a can of cola in her car boot. The liquid promptly seeped through and fried her car’s electrics.

b) After a close encounter with a giant bee a distracted driver was attempting to raise her car window when she veered into a bollard. 

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