Thriving in the Age of Ambiguity

Building resilience for the new realities of work

Changing ways of working…what have we gained and lost?

The future of the workplace is changing fast. We asked what employees have gained and lost in financial wellbeing as the way we work and plan for the future changes – and what employers can do to boost future resilience. Trends that have been gaining momentum in recent years have come to a head – with important implications for the future of work.

But while the blurring of work-life boundaries has brought welcome flexibility, this increasingly ambiguous environment is also a source of unease and uncertainty. Unpredictable futures are placing a strain on the balance between work and home life; employment and retirement; and the relationship between employers and employees.

Our report examines the knock-on effect on workplace relationships and considers how businesses can best embrace the challenge to maintain engagement with their workforce. 

Thriving in the Age of Ambiguity

Building resilience for the new realities of work.

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