A gentle nudge is all it takes

Kelly Lonsdale, Aviva Proposition Development Manager, explains how a simple communication can lead to big improvements in member engagement.

Good communication – the key to engaging with your members

Are your members a bit slow to engage with the benefits their Workplace Pension offers them? Sometimes, a quick email is all it takes to open the door.

Here at Aviva, we recently ran a pilot campaign to a selection of members who had registered to use our online MyAviva service. The subject matter was simple enough. We’d noticed that many of our workplace pension members were failing to nominate a beneficiary to receive their pension money if they should die. Our communication was to remind them that this was a worthwhile thing to do, and that they can do it easily online using their MyAviva account.

Just one email was sent out – but, as a result, no fewer than 11,820 members have chosen to add a beneficiary to their personal details.

Getting members to name a beneficiary is important enough in itself – if they don’t do this, it can sometimes be difficult to make sure their money goes to the right people, especially if they’ve had more than one partner, or children from different relationships. But it can lead the way to much more – carrying out one simple task is enough to demonstrate how easy it can be to access documents or check values.

So, with their online account put to good use and the ice duly broken, members will find it less of an ordeal to keep an eye on their pension in future. They’ll become more and more familiar with the way the scheme works and benefits they can receive through it.

A simple case of good communication, which we’ll certainly be following up with further emails on different topics. It shows that a gentle nudge may be all that’s needed to get your members into the habit of engaging with their pensions.

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