Evolving in the Age of Ambiguity

Harnessing wellbeing, finances and personality in the face of uncertainty

Download the report (PDF 9.15 MB)

Fresh insight on new challenges

The world of work continues to change at pace. Since 2019, Aviva's Age of Ambiguity studies have brought employers insight on employees' attitudes and motivations as the lines between work, home life, employment and retirement continue to shift and fluctuate.

Our latest report in the series, Evolving in the Age of Ambiguity is out now. The findings demonstrate the power of a plan, highlighting the benefit of financial planning and saving to employee health and how personality can play a part. 

Evolving in the Age of Ambiguity

Fresh insight on how personality type can influence employees' financial, physical and mental wellbeing… helping employers shape the future of work.

Download the report (PDF 9.15 MB)

Dig deeper into the data

Fresh voices and different perspectives can bring the findings of our new report to life - and spark the new ideas that can help you evolve your business to meet uncertainties head on.

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