COVID-19 support for workplace savings: Trustees

Everything you need to know at this time

As well as the health concerns we all share, the spread of the COVID-19 virus has brought an unprecedented level of economic uncertainty to businesses.

At Aviva, we understand that the responsibilities of Trustees can only be magnified in these difficult times, and we want to help support your work in any way we can. This page provides answers to the workplace pension questions we most often hear from Trustees. It also describes the type of support we can offer to you, employers and your members.


Maintaining our service

We’ve put robust plans in place to make sure we can still serve our customers, now we have closed offices and moved to remote working to help combat the spread of COVID-19.

Aviva have invested heavily in technology which enables our staff to work efficiently from home, so they can continue to maintain our customer service levels. From the earliest stages of the outbreak, we’ve prioritised the technical needs of our customer-facing colleagues, as we aim to minimise any impact to scheme members and the businesses which employ them.

Customer service is being maintained and our telephone lines remain open. Through stringent prioritisation of key operational tasks, we’re able to maintain a strong focus on payments out, as well as dealing with retirements and bereavements. These functions have been prioritised above all other work.

Many of our essential operations, such as the receipt and investment of contributions, are automated. Other tasks can be completed by our customers through self-service apps or websites. Through these capabilities, as well as the diligence of our operational teams, we’re in a position where we do not anticipate any material reduction in our ability to meet your needs and those of your members. We expect this to remain the case throughout the duration of the present extreme circumstances.

We’re also working closely with our third-party suppliers to further enhance our ability to maintain a high standard of customer service. We’re in regular contact with our fund managers, and we’ll be able to communicate any changes to funds promptly and clearly, should this become necessary.

We’ll be sure to keep our members informed of any important developments as they arise, frequently updating online information as well as sending out direct communications as appropriate.

Property Funds

Reflecting on the impact of COVID-19 on financial markets, we previously introduced deferrals on withdrawals (except in those circumstances set out in our terms & conditions) from the property funds we make available.

We’ll contact you directly to agree an approach with respect to regular contributions.

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How to get in touch

If you still have any questions, please visit the pension solutions contact us page. If you need to call us, waiting times may be longer than normal during these uncertain times.

Coronavirus and our other policies

If you have another type of policy with us, or you’re interested in taking one out, find out what you need to know in the current situation.

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