Auto enrolment knowledge centre

Get your business ready

There’s a lot involved in getting your business ready for auto-enrolment. Our step-by-step guide walks you through what decisions and actions you’ll need to take – before and after your staging date.

Before you start

  • This guide contains important information to help your business get ready for auto-enrolment. If you're using a small screen device and can't read the information in the PDF's please switch to a larger display.
  • Nothing on this site is personalised advice or a recommendation. If you need a personalised recommendation based on your business circumstances, you should seek financial advice. We can put you in touch with an adviser who can talk to you about which financial products or investments may be right for you. Alternatively, you can visit to find an adviser in your area.
  • The guide is for employers who have a ‘Your Company Pension’ scheme with Aviva (those with scheme numbers beginning SP0 or TK0). If you have a different scheme, email with your scheme name and number, and we’ll let you know what to do.
  • Prefer some hands-on help to prepare for auto-enrolment? We offer a range of fee-based services for employers with a ‘Your Company Pension’ scheme. Email with your scheme name and number for details.

Don't have a pension scheme?

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Step 1: Get ready

First of all, you’ll need to prepare your business and make some decisions about your pension scheme.

Step 1: Tell us your staging date

Step 2: Do a quick assessment of your workforce

Step 3: Set your pension and auto-enrolment strategy

Step 4: Decide whether to use our auto-enrolment software

Step 5 Choose your default investment option

Step 6: Submit a pension scheme assessment form

Stage 2: Get set

You’ve done the initial prep work. Now it’s time to get your pension scheme ready to go.

Step 1: Complete paperwork and book in your installation meeting

Step 2: Dial in to your installation meeting

Step 3 Get to grips with our auto-enrolment software

Step 4: Get to grips with our employer servicing zone

Stage 3: Go

Once you’ve completed the first two stages, it’s time to start performing your auto-enrolment duties.

Step 1: Perform your staging date duties

Step 2: Keep records and register your scheme

Step 3: Perform your ongoing duties