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An explanation of the terms used

Basic pay

Basic pay includes all contractual payments such as salary/wages, and statutory payments like sickness and maternity pay, but it doesn’t include commission, bonuses, overtime and so on. It’s a gross (pre-tax) figure.

Total contribution

By law, the total minimum contributions (you + employees) needs to be at least 2% if you are using qualifying earnings otherwise 3%.

Staging date

Your staging date is when you have to start performing your auto-enrolment duties. By law, you'll need a workplace pension scheme in place by this date.

To provide the accurate costs it's helpful if you can be as accurate as possible, but don't worry if you're not sure. We will save your quote so you can revise it later.

Client's business details


For example: 5 employees, each earning £12,000 per year would have a combined annual basic pay of £60,000

Your client's staging date & contributions

A scheme can begin before its staging date. You can enter a scheme start date while setting up the scheme

These are the legal minimum earnings to qualify for contributions to the scheme. The contributions will be calculated on all employee earnings that fall between a lower and upper limit set by the government (the current thresholds for 2017/18 tax year are £5,876 and £45,000).


These contributions can be changed at any time.

Your details

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