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We offer a range of breakdown packages, all backed by RAC.

Once you’ve decided on the breakdown cover option you require, we then provide the flexibility to cover your car or van only, or extend this to cover to yourself or yourself and one other person:

Vehicle based cover

This is our standard policy and provides breakdown cover for one specified vehicle, regardless of who is driving when the incident occurs. Vehicle based cover is also available as an option with Aviva car insurance.

Personal cover

The same cover as ‘vehicle based’ plus you will be covered in any car or van, whether you’re the driver or the passenger (non-commercial vehicles only, excluding certain vehicle types).

Joint personal cover

Provides the same cover as ‘Personal’ plus another named member of your household is covered while travelling in any car or van, whether as a driver or a passenger.

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The amount of callouts which you can make during the year depends on the cover option which you select. If you exceed your callout entitlement during this period, we’ll still provide you with breakdown assistance, but will charge you an additional fee of no less than £75 plus VAT.

Cover type Rescue only cover All other UK options
Vehicle only 2 5
Personal cover 2 6
Joint personal cover 3 7

The small print — what you need to know…

Read the general exclusions which apply to Aviva breakdown cover

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