Who saves smarter when it comes to pensions?

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As one of the UK’s leading pension providers, back in 2016 we wanted to know whether there were any regional differences when it comes to tucking money away into workplace pensions.

As it happens, there are and the results of our survey may surprise you.

And the region most likely to put money into a pension is…

Topping the list is a region renowned for not parting with money without thinking it through thoroughly – Yorkshire and the Humber. It seems the archetypal Yorkshire person really is careful with money, believing in tucking a portion away in their workplace pension for their retirement.

That means in a pension-style Wars of the Roses, Yorkshire takes the crown. Lancastrians and their compatriots in the North West languish in eighth place on the list of top pension contributors.

Londoners occupy second place in the table, slightly ahead of the Scots in third, who lead the charge for the Celtic nations. Northern Ireland comes in ninth, while Wales props up the bottom of the table in twelfth place.

East beats west in the pension contribution tables

Across the UK as a whole, our survey shows employers and employees living in the east are more likely to contribute into their pensions than those in the west.

Alongside Yorkshire and the Humber (1st), the East Midlands (4th), East of England (5th), South East (6th) and North East (7th) all pay more into their workplace pensions than their more westerly countrymen.

Here’s the full table:

  1. Yorkshire & Humber
  2. London
  3. Scotland
  4. East Midlands
  5. East of England
  6. South East
  7. North East
  8. North West
  9. Northern Ireland
  10. West Midlands
  11. South West
  12. Wales

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