Aviva Master Trust

The Aviva Master Trust is a fully independent solution to providing a hassle-free workplace pension scheme.

Offering a range of benefits for scheme members, quality investment options and backed by Aviva’s robust financial strength, our Master Trust scheme takes care of compliance and governance whilst delivering quality.

Why choose us?

Specifically aimed at medium to large employers, the Aviva Master Trust combines expert governance with quality investment choice.

Strong governance

Strong governance

Our entirely independent Master Trust board has a variety of industry expertise. With a keen eye for detail their primary aim is to ensure that the scheme is run in the interests of members.

The scope of their governance includes investment design and performance, clear communications, efficient administration and value for money.

Financial strength

Financial strength

With a heritage of over 300 years, 33 million customers worldwide, and an A+ rating from Standard and Poor’s, Aviva is financially strong and dedicated to the future of investments and savings.

The Aviva Master Trust has both the Pensions Regulator's Master Trust Quality Assurance and the Pension Quality Mark Ready accreditations. This demonstrates its high quality with the aim of making the selection process for you easier.

A secure future

A tailored solution

The Aviva Master Trust is designed to accommodate a range of employer needs. Whether it's off the shelf or tailored solutions, we can work with you to deliver your workplace pension.

Aviva and the trustees will work with you to provide a solution which will provide the best experience and outcome for members.

What we offer you

Employee engagement

With access to innovative online platforms, financial education opportunities and a wealth of support materials, the Aviva Master Trust keeps scheme members in touch with their financial future.

Investment options

Our investment options focus on driving long term growth for investors. For employers looking to provide bespoke investments, the trustees are able to take advice on offering a specific fund range.

Consistent support

With on-going support from a member of the team, an AAF 01/06 approved administration and IT platform, we have everything in place to keep your pension scheme running smoothly.

Flexible benefits

A full range of pension freedoms are accessible for scheme members aged 55 and over, giving them flexibility and choice once they reach retirement age.

Regular reports

We aim to provide transparency around the governance and performance of the Aviva Master Trust. The ‘Chair’s Annual Statement’ provides more detail of the steps the Trustees have taken to ensure due diligence.
Chair’s Annual Statement (PDF 2.45MB)

Select how you invest

With a quality default investment fund and carefully selected alternative investment options, our fund range is designed to suit scheme members investment needs.

Strong governance

My Future

The default investment option chosen by the Trustees, My Future, is specifically designed to offer a strategic long term saving solution suitable for the majority of scheme members. It aims to reduce the risk of market fluctuations and encourage growth.

Financial strength

Alternative investment options

The Trustees offer 21 self-selection investment funds for scheme members who want more choice and control. These funds are designed to ensure scheme members can invest their money meaningfully, and cover key asset classes; equities, fixed interest, property and alternative assets.

Meet the board of trustees

Frequently Asked Questions

What happens if an employer has different governance levels from the Master Trust scheme?

We work with clients to make sure all levels of governance are taken into account. Although our board of Trustees are responsible for the governance of the scheme, they will engage with employers and their own internal governance committees when necessary.

Can employers give their own views and opinions on the Master Trust scheme?

Yes - we have an employer forum twice a year and the agenda is employer led.

The Trustees encourage employers to provide feedback outside of those meetings if there are any issues. Members can provide their views to the Trustees via a dedicated email address.

How are the default investment fund and the investment options offered by the Master Trust reviewed?

The trustees review the performance of all funds quarterly. They have appointed KPMG as their independent investment advisers. KPMG provide an annual report to the Trustees on the off the shelf solutions available under the scheme.

If the Trustees have appointed an employer specific adviser that adviser would provide a similar report. The board would seek investment advice following any major changes in legislation, scheme design or scheme member demographic.

There is also a standard annual review of the investment choices available to scheme members, conducted by the investment adviser.

How does the Master Trust keep up with developments in the industry?

Our policy team is dedicated to keeping abreast of industry developments and changes to legislation impacting workplace pensions. This allows us to react quickly to market trends and implement changes to reflect new rules.

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