In this library you will find a selection of literature to help both you and your clients learn about our products and services. In addition to brochures and guides, you will also find application forms, sales aids, key features and trust forms which you can download and view.

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Personal Protection - Adviser Portal Library - Life Insurance+

Technical guides

Title Reference Other versions
A guide to medical conditions and the underwriting process (427912kb) PT15357 Black & white document for A guide to medical conditions and the underwriting process (422895kb)
ALPS System guide (5642kb) AL55010 -
ALPS online business tracking guide (6092kb) AL55011 -
Automatic underwriting requirements (160kb) AL98002 Black & white document for Automatic underwriting requirements (156kb)
Tracking flyer (858kb) AL98051 Black & white document for Tracking flyer (574kb)
Technical guide to protection (868kb) AL99016 Black & white document for Technical guide to protection (861kb)
Critical Illness quick reference guide (69kb) AL99083 Black & white document for Critical Illness quick reference guide (65kb)


Title Reference Other versions
Access to Medical Reports Declaration (for ALPS products only) (518kb) AL99021 Black & white document for Access to Medical Reports Declaration (for ALPS products only) (517kb)
Personal Protection Application and Data Capture Form (1937kb) AL55001 -
Separation benefit application form - for life insurance, critical illness cover and whole of life insurance (703kb) AL99027 -
Renewal, conversion or replacement application form - for life insurance or critical illness cover (757kb) AL99034 -
ALPS Policy change application form - for life insurance and critical illness cover (1462kb) AL55023 -
Life Insurance+ and Critical Illness+ Life change benefit application form (808kb) AL55026 -
Fracture Claim payment form - 1 life covered (556kb) IP01133 -
Fracture Claim payment form - 2 lives covered (557kb) IP01134 -

Trust information

Title Reference Other versions
Guide to trusts (160kb) AL53005 Black & white document for Guide to trusts (157kb)
Information on online trusts (146kb) AL53004 Black & white document for Information on online trusts (143kb)
Aviva Survivor Trust (protection) (611kb) AL53002 Black & white document for Aviva Survivor Trust (protection) (626kb)
Deed of assignment (protection) (104kb) AL53006 -
Adviser guide to trusts (177kb) AL99073 Black & white document for Adviser guide to trusts (175kb)
Probate hurdles (107805696kb) AL99074 Black & white document for Probate hurdles (104868864kb)
Benefits of trusts (406430720kb) AL99075 Black & white document for Benefits of trusts (298745856kb)
Deed of appointment/retirement of trustees (protection) (103kb) AL53007 -
Guide for trustees (462130176kb) PT38001 Black & white document for Guide for trustees (330578944kb)
Aviva Discretionary Gift Trust (protection) (615kb) AL53003 Black & white document for Aviva Discretionary Gift Trust (protection) (163kb)
Deed of appointment of beneficiaries (protection) (129kb) AL53008 -
Expression of wishes (protection) (106kb) AL53009 -

Sales Aids

Title Reference Other versions
Children' benefit sales aid (840kb) PT15744 Black & white document for Children' benefit sales aid (541kb)
Individual Protection Claims Report Spring 2018 (1416kb) PT15836 -
2017 life and terminal illness claims at a glance (82kb) PT15846 -
Multiple Sclerosis infographic (74kb) PT07203 -
ALPS journey - Fair process notice (104kb) AL55041 -
Targeting the right renters (901kb) PT15810 -
PT15790 - The value of protection for renters infographic, on screen version (203kb) PT15790 - THE VALUE OF PROTECTION, ON SCREEN VERSION -
Cancer sales aid (544kb) PT15743 -
PT15808, Timeline of decline infographic, on screen version (8909kb) PT15808, TIMELINE OF DECLINE, ON SCREEN VERSION -
Critical illness cover sales aid (3914441728kb) AL51044 -
Reasons why client suitability letters (177kb) AL99136 Black & white document for Reasons why client suitability letters (174kb)
Stroke infographic (65kb) PT07204 -
Rental marketing guide (1595kb) PT15859 -
What happens next? (456kb) PT15825 Black & white document for What happens next? (320kb)
Infographic -Family Finances 2018 (108kb) AL98063 Black & white document for Infographic -Family Finances 2018 (108kb)

Policy Summary

Title Reference Other versions
Life Insurance+ Policy Summary (198kb) AL50001 Black & white document for Life Insurance+ Policy Summary (194kb)

Policy Conditions

Title Reference Other versions
Life Insurance+ Policy Conditions (584kb) AL50002 Black & white document for Life Insurance+ Policy Conditions (579kb)


Title Reference Other versions
Protection Occupation Guide (522kb) AL99138 -
Life Insurance+ in focus guide (990kb) AL50003 Black & white document for Life Insurance+ in focus guide (663kb)
Support Plus guide (1714kb) AL54004 Black & white document for Support Plus guide (1230kb)
Accessing our new products on portals (1436kb) AL97077 Black & white document for Accessing our new products on portals (434kb)
Guide to Global Treatment (762kb) AL99070 Black & white document for Guide to Global Treatment (541kb)
Guide to Fracture Cover (793kb) AL99071 Black & white document for Guide to Fracture Cover (577kb)
Guide to Extra Care Cover (469kb) AL99072 Black & white document for Guide to Extra Care Cover (390kb)