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Which drinks are the healthiest?

Keeping hydrated is something that health-conscious individuals swear by to stay fit and keep them at their physical peak. But drinking plenty of water means so much more than quenching your thirst in the gym.

To keep the body functioning properly, we have to replace all fluid lost during respiration, sweating and urination. According to the European Food Safety Authority, women need to drink around 1.6 litres of liquid per day to ensure this can happen, while the figure rises to two litres for men.

While everybody knows that water is every health expert's go-to solution for dehydration, there are plenty of other drinks out there that are just as healthy as good old H20 - so why not be a bit more adventurous?

Healthy drinks

Pomegranate juice is an extremely powerful beverage that is jam-packed with antioxidants that are thought to prevent heart disease, lung cancer, prostate cancer and inflammation. Just one glass per day could help your body to fight off illness, but be sure that you're drinking an unsweetened version that is not full of unhealthy sugar. Check the ingredients carefully before making a purchase.

If you're looking for a calcium fix, then kefir is the perfect drink for you. This fermented milk beverage is full of protein, magnesium and vitamin B12, while it contains more probiotics - the healthy bacteria that aids digestion - than yoghurt.

Kefir is available at most health food shops and can usually be located in the dairy section. Again, it's vital to ensure you opt for the low-fat varieties that do not contain added sugar.

Smoothies are another beverage that have soared in popularity in recent years. Aside from their obvious health benefits, the best thing about this type of drink is that you can throw in virtually any fruit or vegetable you like!

There are several advantages to sipping on a vegetable juice drink, including reduced inflammation, regulating the bowels and cleansing, while those who are hoping to shed a few extra pounds can enjoy quicker results.

Among the most popular type of juice is that which is jam-packed full of leafy vegetables - think romaine lettuce, kale and spinach. Add a little bit of ginger and green apple for a nutritious and delicious snack.

Staying hydrated

Ensuring you consume enough fluids on a daily basis is vital for the proper functioning of the body. Failure to do so could leave you feeling dehydrated and lead to potential health problems. Signs you are not drinking enough water include:

-A lack of energy
-Dark urine
-Not passing much urine when you go to the toilet

It is important to know how much water your body needs to feel healthy. This can depend on a number of factors, including your height and weight, the temperature and how active you are. For example, individuals who work out on a regular basis will need to consume more than those who do not.

What to avoid

Drinking too many beverages that include added sugar and sweeteners can be bad for your teeth and overall health. Although such drinks are fine to have in moderation, drinking them should be kept to a minimum.ADNFCR-438-ID-801728544-ADNFCR

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