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We all feel stressed at times, so we've created My Stress Kit - a handy, free app to help you identify the causes of these stressors and manage them better in everyday life.

My Stress Kit has been developed in collaboration with Aviva UK Health's clinical team. It's something you can keep with you day and night - benefitting from advice and guidance, whenever you feel the need.

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  • Identify what's raising your stress levels
  • Track your stress levels and causes, get tips on managing stress
  • Fast track to a bank of stress relief tips
  • Monitor how your stress levels are changing over time

See how the app works

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Identify what's raising your stress levels

By using My Stress Kit's quiz to assess stress and to log the causes of your stress, you'll find it easier to identify which types of pressure affect you most - and find ways to deal with those situations.

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Fast track to a bank of stress tips

Feeling the pressures of everyday life? Relax, and ease the tension of everyday ups and downs, using one of the many stress-busting tips in My Stress Kit. Our clinical team has assisted with the creation of a bank of ideas and hints that could help lower the pressure, and relieve the symptoms of stress that you're feeling.

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Track your stress levels

Relationships, worries at work, money problems, arguments with friends or colleagues... to deal with stressful situations, and potentially prevent them, it's useful to know what's causing your concerns and what puts you under pressure and stress. My Stress Kit helps you keep track of those situations and how they are impacting your stress levels.

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Understand stress, see your stress levels change

The more you use My Stress Kit, not only should you find ways of managing your stress levels but the more changes you'll see to the peaceful picture background of this easy-to-use app. Monitor your stress levels, access our bank of stress-busting tips ... and see if you can get the garden to grow over a period of time!

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