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Darpartment of Health - Tips to cut alcohol intake

Published: 13 Feb 2013

A small group of research participants were recently offered tips for reducing their alcohol intake, and it seems these simple pieces of advice - such as the idea of putting larger amounts of mixer into their drinks - were helpful.

Change4Life recruited 19 participants who wrote diaries about what they were drinking during a two week period, according to the Department of Health. Halfway through this period, they were given some simple advice about reducing consumption.

Afterwards their alcohol intake went down more than one third. They also made £33.35 in savings for the week and took in some 1,658 fewer calories.

The tip about using more mixer was one of the most popular among the people involved, as was a tip about swapping drinks containing alcohol for soft alternatives.

The people involved were also told about the idea of using a smaller glass when they have an alcoholic drink.

They claimed that reducing alcohol intake had given them a wellbeing boost, too.

"Cutting back your drinking can reduce your health risks, reduce your calorie intake, help you sleep better and boost your energy. To find out more I strongly recommend people to search Change4Life," Professor Dame Sally Davies, chief medical officer, commented.

Change4Life's latest campaign will see TV adverts helping to make people aware about the health issues that can arrive from drinking more than is recommended on a regular basis.

According to Change4Life, women who regularly have over two to three units of alcohol daily up their chances of having breast cancer by some 20 per cent.

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