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PMI and the time-pressured sandwich generation

Published: 04 Dec 2014

PMI: the healthy wrap for your time-pressured sandwich generation clients

“I’ll get an appointment tomorrow”

How many times in life have you thought or heard that? Time is simply something we don’t have enough of. But why is it we’re likely to contribute more time to the less-pressing, mundane and materialistic matters of life – cleaning the kitchen, dusting the TV, or polishing the car – than looking after our own health and wellbeing?

Your sandwich generation clients are likely to be time-poor anyway - fending for their children and parents - so ensuring they have the right provisions in place, should their health be compromised, is absolutely paramount.

Putting off the here and now

The dependence and pressure on the backs of the sandwich generation – aged between 45 and 60 years old – means that many of these clients don’t get time to look after themselves, amidst differing priorities.

However, the added stress of delaying an appointment with the GP to discuss that sore joint, severe stomach pain or back ache will not help your clients, and even continue to adversely play on their minds.

In more frank terms, should a health problem turn out to be something serious - such as cancer – and they’ve kept delaying a visit to the GP, then unfortunately tomorrow could be too late to tackle the condition.

Private medical insurance (PMI) is there to give your clients access to a quick diagnosis and treatment if recommended by a specialist - at a time and location convenient to your client - to nip something in the bud before it advances into something more serious. This means your clients can concentrate on the here and now, giving them the peace of mind they deserve.

Looking after their own engine

Taking the car to the garage to get it fixed is something that probably gets acted upon fairly promptly - but your sandwich generation clients should ensure they’re giving themselves an MOT in terms of their health too.

With their family so dependent on them for time, your sandwich generation clients may not have much opportunity to take care of their own health and wellbeing.

Despite the fact PMI is often regarded as cover for when a major operation and treatment is required, there is more to our PMI policy. This is where you can introduce and help your clients to better understand the added value benefits and services that are included as standard within our PMI policy - such as discounts off memberships at a range of UK gyms and free 24 hour access to our GP and stress counselling helplines, as well as MyHealthCounts.

MyHealthCounts is an excellent online wellbeing tool, giving your clients access to health programmes that could keep them fit and well. This is an extremely useful addition to your time-pressured clients’ lives - providing exercise, nutritional and wellbeing tips to help improve their current state of health.

From personal experience, I’m a big advocate of MyHealthCounts, as it helped me through a tough time of sleep deprivation - providing some very valuable advice on rest and tips to ensure I achieved enough sleep ahead of a day at work.

Supporting your sandwich generation clients

Keep an eye out for my next update, where I will be looking at the subject of costs associated with PMI – considering its value rather than the cost of cover.

In the meantime, to find out more about the sandwich generation, including access to useful guides and videos to help you have more effective conversations about PMI with your clients, visit the New Thinking area on HealthcareZone.


Nick Reynolds, PMI Sales Director

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