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Processed foods 'may be biggest obesity villains'

Published: 06 Feb 2013

It has been claimed that processed foods might be "the greatest villains when it comes to obesity".

National Obesity Forum spokesperson Tam Fry explained that these sorts of food are cheap and filling.

"But the problem is that they are not very nutritious and they have a propensity to make you fat," she warned.

She said there were high amounts of sugar, fat and salt in these foods – elements she said played a big part in creating obesity.

The commentator also highlighted exercise as playing a part in tackling obesity.

To illustrate this, she said that some athletes eat 3,000 calories in a single meal – more than would normally be recommended for someone to eat within a whole day.

However, these athletes burn the calories off through exercise, and eat that much because they need to.

"There are a lot of people who don't set foot in a gym, they don't have a gym nearby or can’t afford it [et cetera]," she said, by way of contrast.

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