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Why do your clients value their PMI policy?

Published: 02 Jun 2015

Some facts, figures, and statistics get glossed over because they feel like “I knew that”, pieces of information. But, it can be useful to bear them in mind if you’re trying to increase your PMI sales. For example…

People have one thing on their minds
And it’s not price. As you’re promoting PMI, you’ll know price is a big factor. For you, it may feel like a challenge; for your clients it can turn into the stall-tactic. But as it turns out, the price of private healthcare may not be what tips the balance.

Facts International research, conducted with Aviva customers confirms that in December 2014, around half the people they canvassed said that ‘speed of treatment’ was the primary reason for buying Private Medical Insurance.

Across the board, this is what counts
From young clients to older individuals, the feeling was the same: over half the audience said speed of treatment was key. When you’re ill, you don’t want to be put onto a waiting list. You want to be seen and get a diagnosis as quickly as possible.

Using statistics like this can help to demonstrate some of the benefits of PMI to your clients.

If you ask your clients questions like “would you like to get treatment quickly if you’re ill?" When the answer is "yes" (why would it be no?), then it’s natural to say, "the majority of people agree with you, and that’s a fact that you can consider when making a decision about PMI".

  • Remember, 59% of clients aged 35-54 with Aviva PMI said speed of treatment was their main reason for buying private healthcare policies

When people aren’t in good health, they want to recover quickly, and we’ve found that there are multiple reasons why our customers value having a PMI policy:

  • Private rooms and better facilities
  • Convenient appointment times
  • Better access to drugs
  • Quick return to work

Our Healthier Solutions product for your clients comes in handy when considering these values. Just some of the benefits are prompt appointments and flexibility and choice over Specialists, as well as access to 24 hour GP and stress counselling helplines.

Here’s how to increase your own momentum
Why not emphasise that a PMI policy means seeing a Specialist who can help find a diagnosis promptly? It means you could receive the medicine and care that’s vital to get back to work, as soon as possible. And – especially if you’re talking to growing families (clients under 34 years or so) – it means getting the personal care to make sure they’re able to look after their children. Facts International research supports the fact that these are the things people will respond to, positively.

Bonus insights
What’s more, the same research showed that 18% of our customers aged 65+, and 12% of our customers aged 55-64 pro-actively thought about continuing their employer’s cover, and consider ways to pay for the same benefit themselves.

And not surprisingly perhaps, older clients (those who may have had some experience of care for illness or injury already), tend to identify privacy and a good choice of hospital locations as being amongst the deciding factor in choosing PMI.


Facts International research, December 2014

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