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Our clinical expertise

We've been taking pride in using our clinical expertise to help companies and individuals look after their health for many years, although you may be more familiar with Aviva's home or car insurance products.

When people make a claim on a health insurance policy, they want to deal with someone who empathises with how they're feeling and to get back on their feet as soon as possible. As an employee, they'll want to get back to work too - and employers want a provider who can help minimise the costs associated with long-term absence, such as overtime, reduced productivity and sick pay. That's where our approach, and our clinical expertise, has such an important role to play.

Clinical excellence
Clinical expertise informs every aspect of our work. Our commitment to delivering value drives us to innovate, and has created a trusted proposition that can respond to our customers' real needs - we've become champions of prompt intervention.

From the way we manage our relationships with hospitals and specialists, to the high-quality claims process we offer ... it's our clinical excellence, combined with everything else you'd expect from a major insurance company, that means our healthcare proposition could be the right proposition for your customers, both individual and corporate.

Clinical governance
We strive to continuously improve the quality of our services and safe-guard high standards of care using a clinical governance framework. This framework builds on the culture we have within Aviva to ensure that our customers have access to the right care at the right time.

Our Clinical Governance Committee meets quarterly and is chaired by our medical director. By looking at changes in legislation, monitoring our suppliers clinical performance, considering clinical audit results and reviewing member feedback ... we're continually improving our service to you and your clients.

Evidence-based medicine and clinical expertise
In our experience, the earlier a potential claim is dealt with, the more effective the outcome. So we use clinical research to provide the evidence of whether a particular treatment works, how well it works compared to other treatments and what the risks are, if any. It helps us get your clients the most appropriate treatments currently available.

In addition, instead of having claims assessors undertaking all types of claims, our private medical insurance teams have expert advisers split into dedicated condition management teams, such as mental health and oncology to name a couple. These teams are kept up-to-date with the support of a strong, clinical team, which includes registered nurses, qualified counsellors and specialists in mental health, case management and cognitive behavioural therapy.

By combining early intervention with case management techniques – drawing on our clinical expertise – we can help individuals get back on their feet as quickly as possible. It’s a simple theory: we’d like to help everyone get the right treatment, at the right time, and at the right price.

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Our cancer pledge

We understand the importance of providing your clients with the best possible cancer care. That's why we introduced our cancer pledge.