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Aviva’s blogging tips for advisers

Sharing your thoughts via the web

Blogs are short ‘opinion pieces’, written by you then hosted on a web page. If written properly, they can also be a very powerful tool to reach many new potential clients.

The internet is often the first place that people look to find out about a product. A blog that has up to date opinions and facts about products can stimulate enquiries – and as most intermediaries still shy clear of online marketing, a good blog could give you an advantage over your closest competitors. It’s easy to create a site and link it to your own business web pages. The key to success however, is to make sure it’s kept relevant and up to date – check for comments regularly, and respond to them promptly.

Blog examples – good and bad

Blog 1 – a good post

We noticed many of the players in Saturday’s football match were suffering from cold symptoms. That set us thinking – how many businesses offer employees flu jabs over the winter period? Not many. But winter coughs and colds can be a huge drain on the workforce.

Happily, there are providers who can help minimise the effects of germs spreading in a business. From flu jabs to posters round the office reminding people to ‘catch it, bin it…’ – it’s worth checking out. Does your PMI provider talk to you about keeping your workforce healthy? If not, don’t forget you can always talk to me. Healthy schemes, for healthy businesses in and around Norwich. Email me at…

Blog 2 – a poor post

Went to the footie on Saturday – can’t stand it when were playing away. Mind you, got to talk to Geoff about the players – they were fielding a 2nd team, most of the firsts were off with flu. He’s been pushing PMI business like it’s been going out of fashion and wants to know if I’m doing the same. You bet!

Our blogging tips for financial advisers:

  1. Everything you write needs to be double-checked for spelling and grammar. Most word processing software has a spellchecker built in – don’t forget to use it.
  2. Include keywords in your blog – sometimes known as ‘tags’ – such as your location, your field of expertise and products or services that you can offer. Search engines can then find you more easily.
  3. Pretend you’re the reader. Want to hear about cycling holidays? Or find out about changes to UAE legislation, if you operate an International PMI scheme? Write interesting articles, always.
  4. Set aside half an hour to write your blog, regularly. You won’t need more than about 200 to 300 words per blog post, which shouldn’t take more than about half an hour to write.
  5. Create a bank of articles – general comments – that you can post if your blogging time gets eaten up by other commitments or you’re having trouble finding something topical for your blog.
  6. Link in any promotions you're currently offering or to any topical events, such as health weeks – be careful here though as people don’t read blogs for promotions, so don’t overdo it.
  7. Promote your blog. Include links in emails, have its web address included on your letterheads, and consider promoting your blog’s most recent posts to Twitter followers or LinkedIn contacts.

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