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Aviva’s newsletter & article tips for advisers

Talking to a wider audience

Consider writing articles, or contributing pieces to a local newsletter. A few words, well written, are an invitation to engage in a more in-depth conversation about your subject of choice.

Small pieces of commentary in local business newsletters and articles (in magazines, journals or even on websites), can help raise your profile significantly. This can be particularly useful if you’re specialising in one area of expertise. Reducing the associated costs of absenteeism, for example, is something that businesses could naturally be interested in – so well-written, well timed and well placed articles in a local journal could pique enough interest in the subject to stimulate a pro-active contact.

What could you write about?

The key to creating a good article or insert for a newsletter, is to choose a subject about which you can write confidently. That may be because you have a strong opinion, or you have a significant amount of expertise in that area. Or it could be that you’re in a position to offer relevant case studies and testimonials from clients (without their personal details, of course) to demonstrate how others have benefited from a product or service.

Ideally, articles should be targeted to the audience that will be reading them. It is much easier to write something relevant when you know the readership: what they’re interested in, and which subjects will also be covered in the same publication. Don’t forget to include relevant statistics – you can use facts and figures from our useful statistics pages – which will help to bring an article to life.

Where could you submit articles?

Write articles and pieces of commentary for specific audiences if possible. Publications – such as local newspapers, magazines or even national titles – usually welcome well-written copy that will appeal to their readership. But for your work to be considered, it’s worth making an effort to get to know the editorial teams and what they’re looking for in terms of length, content and style.

Our newsletter & article tips for financial advisers:

  1. Write about something you know. Choose a subject that you’re familiar with, and confident making comments about.
  2. Research your audience; read back copies of the publication and get an insight to the style and content they’re looking for.
  3. Structure your article as you would an essay. Give it a short introduction, some body content and then a conclusion. Don’t ramble – make your writing worth reading.
  4. Make sure that what you’re writing is topical – but be aware that editors can schedule articles months in advance.
  5. Include all of your contact details with each piece (an editor can choose what he or she includes, but only if you enclose them)
  6. Include references and statistics – see our useful statistics pages for ideas – and make it clear if you’re referring to another piece of writing (such as a magazine article, or quote from a web page)
  7. Ask the editor for a copy of any style guidelines used by the publication – things like sub headings, bullet points, and captions – and then stick to them.

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