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Aviva’s seminar tips for advisers

Engaging potential clients, presenting yourself

Seminars are events that offer specialist information on a particular subject in a formal location, usually to an invited audience.

To run a great seminar, you don’t need to have years of experience giving presentations. You simply need to prepare well in advance, know your subject, and invite the right people.

For example, you may want to engage local business owners – small companies perhaps, with 50 to 100 employees – by offering them insights to reducing the associated costs of absenteeism. Or, if you have a good database of high net worth clients, you could offer a seminar about local healthcare provisions and the benefits of private treatment. Both are subjects we could help you with, and we’re always happy to work with you if you can identify a bank of clients that would be interested in attending an event.

Our seminar tips for financial advisers:

  1. Choose your subject carefully. Pick something about which you are knowledgeable – and ask us how our Sales Consultants could help you deliver a professional presentation on healthcare products.
  2. Remember, you’re not selling anything, you’re engaging an audience with details of services that may be of interest – there’s a significant difference, both regulatory and in terms of effectiveness.
  3. Your presentation must be relevant. Make it too dry, and it won’t be engaging; but make it too ‘informal’, and you could come across as being less than professional. We can help you with this.
  4. Make sure you include case studies. Even fictional examples can help people engage with a subject, and see how it relates to their own situation.
  5. Construct your presentation as you would a good letter – give it an introduction, some relevant content, and a conclusion. Also, make sure your contact details are easily visible at all times.
  6. Find ways to get your audience involved – encourage them to ask questions and allow a few minutes extra in your timings for audience participation.
  7. Consider inviting local companies that have benefited from your services – they’re likely to welcome the exposure, in exchange for insights to your services.
  8. If possible have a colleague with you who can support you towards the end of the presentation, when you’re most likely to be asked for information.
  9. Make sure your venue is easy to find, gives a professional feel – without being too expensive – and can provide the refreshments and facilities that people will naturally expect at an event like this.
  10. Finally, collect a few relevant details about people that come to the seminar. There should be no obligation on the part of the invited audience, but if you can, follow them up afterwards…

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