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New Thinking for healthcare advisers


Practical digital ideas to help you grow your business

Your PMI customers, whether corporate or consumer, are increasingly turning to digital technology to research and purchase products and services. So we have developed New Thinking; helping you to better market your healthcare business in the digital arena, so you can connect with both new and existing clients.

We’ve commissioned a number of the UK’s leading digital experts and consultancies. They’ve put together practical step by step videos, sales aids and further reading on a number of key topics including:

WC01587 09/2015

Helping clients find you

Hints and tips to ensure your website shows up in searches.

One of the most important parts of marketing your professional advice online, is ensuring potential corporate or individual healthcare customers can find you. So think of your website as a shop window for your business. And, like a shop, you need a clear way for people to find you.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is the way for you to ensure your site is found by search engines like Google when clients look for specific terms.

In this short video, leading digital experts, E-consultancy, discuss some of the quick steps you can take to improve the visibility of your website - helping to push it up the rankings amongst search engines.

Watch our video on visibility

Take a look at our quick guide which outlines just how important SEO is, along with some hints and tips on how you can ensure your business is found more easily.

Download our infographic

WC01588 09/2015

Content is king

Hints and tips on creating better content and showing the value of your advice.

Valuable online content, like blogs, videos or articles, is a great way to attract and retain customers.

It can increase trust in you and your healthcare expertise and attracts links to your site, encouraging more people to visit. If you have high quality, useful content you could be the one giving your clients insight and answers.

So regardless of what content you’re creating, you need to develop it in a way that will be compelling to your new and existing clients.

In partnership with Dare, one of the UK’s leading content experts, we’ve produced this short video which provides some practical tips on how to ensure your content is as compelling as possible.

Watch our video on content

This quick guide gives an overview of the different types of online content, some tips on how to create and share it, and explains why quality content should be a key consideration when marketing your business online.

Download our infographic

WC01589 09/2015

Getting familiar with social media

Hints and tips on connecting with potential client so using social networks.

Social media has risen in importance in the private lives of your clients. It has also become more important for the growth of your business.

It can be a truly effective way for you to connect and gain trust with potential customers and provides an opportunity for you to demonstrate your personality and expertise.

This quick guide introduces some of the main social media platforms and provides some hints and tips on how you can get started with them.

Download our quick guide on social media

Expert View

Andrew Macarthy, social media consultant and author of 500 Social Media Marketing Tips, shares his knowledge of social media including why it’s important to your business and the channels available to you.

Read his article

WC01590 09/2015

Getting stuck in with Google

Hints and tips on getting the most from Google products and services.

You may have already familiarised yourself with Google and its use in helping to market your business through search. But there are more Google products that you may not be familiar with which can be very useful.

In this video, leading digital experts E-consultancy introduce you to some lesser known Google products that could be useful in generating more PMI business from potential clients.

Watch our Google tips video

WC01591 09/2015

Getting handy with online tools

Hints and tips on getting the most from free business tools.

When marketing your business digitally, building your social media profile or creating content, you want to do it as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. You don’t want to add more administration and cost.

Luckily, there are a number of free tools to help you measure, monitor and the get the best from your online presence. There are even tools to help with payments, create and share documents and to improve your networks.

Dare, leading digital experts, look at some of the tools to help you measure and monitor your online presence efficiently and cost effectively as well as tools that help with payments, administration and creating presentations.

Watch our web tools video

WC01592 09/2013

This material was first published in 2013 as part of Aviva's New Thinking campaign, looking into ways to grow your business online. It has not been updated but is available for your reference.

Nick Reynolds, PMI Sales Director, Aviva UK Health, looks at how, with a few small changes, New Thinking can make a big difference to your business.

Watch our introduction now .

In this New Thinking guide, you can get essential hints and tips from digital experts on marketing your business better.

Download the New Thinking guide.