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A secure email system for your client's personal information

Here at Aviva UK Health we believe strongly in protecting our policyholder's personal information and have been looking at the methods and practices around the use of emails with a view to making them more secure.

As such we use PostX, a secure and encrypted email facility for intermediaries who receive client's personal information via email. In order to receive such emails from us (and use the secure reply facility) you will be required to use PostX.

PostX can be used at no cost and enables us to protect your client's personal data and assist in compliance with the Data Protection Act.

Benefits of PostX

  • No cost to you as a recipient
  • The recipient will not be required to install any other software on their computer
  • PostX uses existing email software e.g. Lotus Notes, Microsoft Outlook or web mail e.g. hotmail/google mail/yahoo in conjunction with an Internet browser
  • Protects personal data from being misdirected, intercepted, changed and/or exposed
  • Provides a secure reply facility to you as a recipient
  • A straightforward process that is not resource intensive
  • An established method of securely sending emails that contain customers' personal data.
  • A simple step-by-step guide (PDF 521KB) is provided to show you how it works

How to use PostX

When you are sent a secure email for the first time, you will be asked to register with our secure email system (shouldn't take longer than 1 to 2 minutes) during which you will create a password.

Following registration, whenever a secure email is sent from us, you will have to enter your password to open or read it.

We have produced this step-by-step guide (PDF 521KB) for further information.

WC01292 01/2014