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My Health Cash Plan
Help with day-to-day healthcare costs

A cash plan for individual clients

My Health Cash Plan helps your clients budget for some of the day-to-day health costs they expect to pay routinely each year – such as prescription charges or bills from a dentist or optician.

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It’s important to fully understand this product’s details as this will help you conduct a compliant sale. Non-standard terms may apply to your client’s policy but details of full cover, options and exclusions are listed in the product’s brochure (PDF 142KB) and general terms and conditions (PDF 173KB).

My Health Cash Plan is a straightforward product. It helps clients reclaim some of the routine healthcare costs they incur during the year, and offers payment towards other costs – such as a cash benefit of £15 per night, if their child goes into hospital.

  • Your clients pay the bills: we give them money back up to their yearly limit
  • Options to increase or decrease cover (and premiums, respectively)
  • Family members can be included – with no upper age limits
  • Flexibility to choose which costs are included on the policy
  • We provide additional benefits, like gym discounts, at no extra charge

Planning ahead

My Health Cash Plan lets your clients know they’ve planned to help pay for day-to-day healthcare costs in advance.

My Health Cash Plan has fixed premium bands. This means that you can calculate the cover – including upgrades or downgrades – immediately for your client.

We provide one pot of money for your clients’ dental and optical costs. So if they don't need to see the optician, they can use more money to help pay for dental costs or vice versa. We’ve outlined the structure of My Health Cash Plan here: what’s covered, the options that are available, the additional value that’s included and the pricing.

Core cover

'Core cover’ is the level we offer as a starting point for your clients, to help budget for a number of day-to-day healthcare bills they may incur. We’ll reimburse them up to the agreed limits, as follows:

  • 100% of the costs for dental and optical bills up to £250 (children, up to £125)
  • 80% of the costs for physiotherapy, osteopathy, homeopathy, acupuncture or chiropractic treatment up to £150 (up to £75 for children)
  • 80% of the costs for GP prescriptions and charges up to £50 (up to £25 for children)
  • 80% of the costs for one health screen, up to £100 every two policy years (up to £50 for children). There is a 12 month qualifying period for this benefit
  • A £200 baby cash payment paid for each child born or adopted subject to 10 month qualifying period.

Clients need to be made aware that a qualifying period applies, which means that in most cases they won’t be able to claim for treatment received during the first month of their policy.

Options that upgrade levels of cover and increase premiums

Your clients will have specific ideas about what they’d like to cover, so there may be benefits they’d like to add to the core cover level. Your clients can choose more than one of the options, but it’s important to point out that benefit limits apply to everyone on the policy, and that partners or dependants included on the policy must all take the same options.

Option 1, Increased Reimbursement:

  • Cover for 100% money back on core cover benefits, up to the benefit limits

Option 2, Hospital Extras:

  • A support cash benefit of £15 each night, if your client’s child goes into hospital
  • An in-patient cash benefit of £15 each night (£7.50 for children)
  • A day-patient cash benefit of £15 each day (£7.50 for children)
  • 80% reimbursement of the costs of X-rays and scans as a private patient
  • 80% of the cost of a specialist’s second opinion, as a private patient
  • Option 2 benefits have a combined cover limit of up to £250 every policy year (£125 for children).

Option 3, Health Enhance:

  • 80% of chiropody, podiatry, allergy testing or a dietician’s appointment costs
  • Option 3 benefits have a combined cover limit of up to £200 every policy year (£100 for children).
Options that reduce levels of cover and decrease premiums

We can offer two options that will reduce the cover provided, but clients can choose only one of these. By choosing a reduced level of cover, they can no longer enhance any benefit levels.

Option 1, Reduced Reimbursement

  • Dental and optical costs are covered 100% up to the benefit limits, but other costs are covered to only 60%, up to the benefit limit

Option 2, Dental and Optical only

  • Dental and optical costs are covered 100% up to £250 (up to £125 for children), but no other costs are covered by the policy.
Additional value included as standard

As well as helping your clients budget for day-to-day healthcare costs, we’re helping them look after their health. Here’s the additional value they’ll be able access through My Health Cash Plan:

  • 24-hour GP helpline
  • 24-hour stress counselling helpline (this benefit is available to members aged 16 and over)
  • Discount off membership at a range of UK gyms and health clubs.
See how much My Health Cash Plan costs

The prices shown here are for My Health Cash Plan’s monthly and annual premiums. Costs increase or decrease depending on whether your clients add to or reduce their cover levels.

Cover Level Cost per adult monthly Cost per adult annually Cost per child monthly Cost per child annually
Core cover £20.42 £245.04 £4.19 £50.28
Increasing costs and cover Cost per adult monthly Cost per adult annually Cost per child monthly Cost per child annually
These benefits can be added to the core cover, which will increase premium levels to the amount shown. If your client adds one of these benefits, any partners or dependants included on the policy must also take the same options.
Increased Reimbursement £23.04 £276.48 £4.71 £56.52
Hospital Extras £25.13 £301.56 £5.24 £62.88
Health Enhance £27.76 £333.12 £5.76 £69.12
Reducing costs and cover Cost per adult monthly Cost per adult annually Cost per child monthly Cost per child annually
Choosing these options reduces costs and cover, replacing the core cover with an alternative range of benefits. If your client chooses a cost reduction option, they can’t choose an increase cover option. Partners or dependants included on the policy must also take the same option.
Reduced Reimbursement £18.86 £226.32 £3.67 £44.04
Dental and optical only £14.13 £169.56 £3.67 £44.04

Prices are correct as of April 2017, subject to change.

You’ll find a useful range of My Health Cash Plan documents under the Documents tab on this page. By explaining the cover, the options, and the added value that Aviva provides – your clients will understand the benefits of having a cash plan.

Renewing My Health Cash Plan

My Health Cash Plan renews annually on the date the policy started. We’ll send your client’s renewal pack out around 30 days prior to renewal. It includes details about any changes in premium; a new policy schedule and financial statement and any changes that apply to their cover.

WC00761 04/2017

My Health Cash Plan - which documents should you use?

Our documents help clients understand what policies are designed to do. They can also help you introduce the benefits of each product to your client.

With My Health Cash Plan literature, you can describe this policy’s cover, options and the general exclusions in full. The customer-facing brochure is a useful guide for talking through the upgrades and downgrades available. It’s important you get to know these documents well, as this helps you conduct a compliant sale.

These documents explain how the product works

My Health Cash Plan (PDF 142KB) – client-facing pre-sale brochure

These documents help you make applications

My Health Cash Plan application form (PDF 185KB)

My Health Cash Plan terms and conditions (PDF 173KB)

You’ll find a full range of My Health Cash Plan literature in our searchable Document Library. Depending on your clients’ needs and budget, other items that may be useful include:

Healthier Solutions brochure (PDF 4112KB) – for clients who would like to explore more extensive PMI cover, which would pay for unforeseen health costs not just day-to-day bills.

Speedy Diagnostics brochure (PDF 2682KB) – for clients who would like to get prompt access to diagnosis, but can’t afford extensive PMI.

Applying for My Health Cash Plan couldn’t be easier. Simply call us on 0800 158 3116 and we’ll help you process your client’s application. Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded.

WC00762 04/2017

We can help you sell My Health Cash Plan

We can help you identify clients who may benefit from having a cash plan. You can rely on us to help you if you’d like to make My Health Cash Plan recommendations.

These ideas could help you identify clients for whom a cash plan could be more appropriate than extensive PMI – or for whom a cash plan would be an ideal complement to an existing PMI policy. From overcoming objections, to helping you calculate premiums and submit an application, we’re here to help you.

If you’d like to find out more about selling our products and why you should promote them to your clients – take a look at our Growing Your Business section.

Finding the right clients

My Health Cash Plan is a policy that anyone over the age of 18 can buy, with no upper age limits. This means that most of your clients will be eligible to make an application. The trick is to identify for whom a cash plan would be most attractive.

  • Clients with a PMI policy – Do you know if your client gets regular dental appointments? Does your client wear contact lenses or glasses? PMI policies only cover unforeseen conditions. This means that your clients can’t make a claim for day-to-day costs, such as dentists’ bills or opticians’ costs – which would have to be added as an option to their policy. But if they’re already benefiting from the cover of private medical insurance, it should be relatively easy to point out the practical value offered by a cash plan.
  • Clients who can’t afford PMI – If affordability is an issue, then a cash plan – or a combination of a cash plan and a diagnostic policy – may be a good alternative for some clients. Your clients would have reassurance from the fact they’ve made plans that can help them budget for day-to-day healthcare costs, and be able to get a diagnosis promptly if they’re ill or injured.
  • Clients with PMI policies provided by employers – If your client benefits from a PMI policy that’s provided by his or her employer, then it’s worth asking how that policy covers other family members. In addition to finding out whether there’s an opportunity to talk about Healthier Solutions PMI cover for those individuals, you may be able to position My Health Cash Plan as a low cost benefit for them.
  • Clients who like budgeting their finances closely – some clients take great interest in organising their finances. The straightforward structure of our My Health Cash Plan product should appeal to them – particularly if they want to look after their health or cut back on routine healthcare costs. It’s easy to calculate the cost; it’s easy to see the benefit limits and how those limits could apply to costs incurred through regular appointments; and it’s easy to claim.

TIP: Reading ‘the small print’ is a phrase used often in financial services. But it provides an excellent opportunity to talk about deteriorating eyesight, the importance of check-ups – and My Health Cash Plan.

Overcoming objections

Some objections can seem to be straightforward – cost, or lack of interest. But with careful positioning, it’s possible to overcome many of the reasons given for not taking a product out. These are some of the most common objections to taking out a cash plan.

  • “It’s too expensive.”
    My Health Cash Plan is flexible in its price: clients can choose lower levels of cover if affordability is an issue. But if your original recommendation is for extensive use of the policy’s benefit levels, and the statement is ‘It’s too expensive’ – sometimes it’s useful to respond with a question: ‘How much did you have in mind?’ ‘If cost wasn’t an issue, would you still be interested?’ ‘Which benefits would you like covered?’ This should give you the leeway to offer alternative levels of cover, until you find one that matches the affordability levels with which your client is most comfortable.
  • “I’m fine – I pay for these as and when…”
    If you hear this as an objection, ask your clients how much they’ve spent on dental costs, or prescriptions in the last twelve months. Remember, Aviva’s cash plan offers a flexible pot of money; so if they haven’t seen a dentist, but have been to the opticians, they could have used more money to help pay for optical costs.
  • “I’ve got other priorities.”
    You’ll know what your clients’ financial needs are but this comes back to identifying whether or not your client is likely to use the services covered by a cash plan.
Offering complete flexibility

Currently, ours is the only cash plan on the market with which clients can select the percentage of reimbursement they’ll receive on each bill. My Health Cash Plan is also the only plan that offers a flexible pot of money: your clients can choose whether to spend their reimbursement benefit on dentists’ or opticians’ fees, as necessary. And we’re happy to reimburse your clients either by cheque, or straight into their nominated bank account – whichever is most convenient to them.

We’re here to help you

We’re here to help you answer any questions you or your clients may have about My Health Cash Plan, how it works and what the levels of reimbursement would be. You can find out prices for My Health Cash Plan on the overview tab, but we’re also happy to help you over the phone.

WC00763 04/2017

What makes our policy different?

Flexibility. Your clients want to be sure they’re buying a cash plan that meets their needs, so we’ve created a policy that respects the fact not everyone wants the same levels of cover.

Complete flexibility

Currently, My Health Cash Plan is the only product on the market offering a combined pot of money for dental and optical cover. It’s up to your clients, what they use the benefits for.

When our customers told us they’d like to decide how much of their cash plan benefits are spent on dental costs, and how much is used for optical bills, that seemed sensible. So, in addition to valued features like access to a 24-hour GP helpline and a 24-hour stress counselling helpline*, we’ve got the basics right.

* This benefit is available to members aged 16 and over.

Why choose Aviva’s My Health Cash Plan policy?

  • My Health Cash Plan is a flexible cash plan that fits around your clients’ needs. In addition to choices about the levels of benefit they’d prefer, we’ve created a policy that reflects your clients’ individuality. The pot of money used for dental and optical costs can be allocated as they wish.
  • It’s a policy with features that are really appreciated. Does your client go to a gym? With various discounts off membership at a range of UK gyms, My Health Cash Plan provides access to benefits that can be appreciated by people who take care of themselves.
  • We’re a provider that delivers the service we’ve promised. It’s easy to set-up, and easy to make a claim. We think that all policies should be supported by teams who want to help your clients get the benefits they’re expecting.
  • We help remove the stresses associated with making a claim from an insurer. If your clients do need to make a claim on their policy, we can make payment directly into their bank account.
  • We stay up to date with industry issues and continually evolve our products. We’ve listened to our customers and, as a result, we believe that My Health Cash Plan is a market-leading product, with more flexibility than any other provider’s proposition. We’ll continue to develop My Health Cash Plan, so that you can recommend it with confidence.

As a result of our focus on delivering market leading healthcare expertise Aviva UK Health was voted ‘Health Insurance Company of the Year' for the seventh year running at the 2016 Health Insurance Awards. We were voted 'Best Group PMI Provider' for the fifth year running as well. When you tell clients about these awards, it can help build their confidence about making a purchase.

WC00764 04/2017

My Health Cash Plan claims – what happens next?

Making a claim is straightforward with My Health Cash Plan. Finding out how this process works will help you instil confidence in your clients.

Your clients should have all the information they need to start a claim in their policy documents. Sometimes though, clients will call you for advice. Our team is on hand to help them through the process, but here’s what they’ll need to do:

  • Complete a claim form. We’ll issue a copy when your clients take out a policy, but if they need another one, they can download the form from or call us on 0800 158 5191.
  • Complete the relevant sections of the form, and ask the optician, dentist, GP or hospital to sign any relevant sections too.
  • Sign the form, attach the original itemised receipts, and send it in to us.
  • We’ll process the claim and reimburse their eligible costs up to the limits in the policy.

If your clients need more advice, we’re happy to help them.

Call the claims team: 0800 158 5191
Monday to Friday 9.00am – 5.00pm

Calls to and from Aviva may be monitored and/or recorded

Settling the bills

You’ll find a copy of the claim form that your clients need on the Documents tab. It’s important your client completes the appropriate sections of this form. Providing we receive original receipts, we can settle most claims straight away by paying into your client’s bank account. The claim form should be sent to:

My Health Cash Plan, Customer Services Team,
Aviva Health UK Limited,
Jewry House,
Jewry Street,
SO23 8RZ.

We’re here to help your clients’ claims get processed smoothly. If they call you for help, you can reassure them that our advisers have all the details they’ll need to hand – and that we’ll do as much as we can to give them help filling in any paperwork, over the phone.

WC00765 04/2017

Can we help you?

Think of us as part of your team. For help or queries, call us on:

0800 158 3116

9.00am – 5.00pm, Monday – Friday

For support, please email:

Calls to and from Aviva may be recorded and/or monitored

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