Apply for payment deferral (non-monthly)

Eligibility criteria and important information

You should only continue reading if your payments to Aviva are due annually, half-yearly, quarterly or termly. If you make your payments monthly, then you can find information on monthly deferrals here.

Stay covered, pay later 

If you’re facing money problems because of coronavirus (COVID-19), we want you to know we’re here to help. 

So if you hold a life insurance, critical illness, income protection, whole of life, or guaranteed over fifties policy with us, you can ask us not to take your payment for a short period – and we’ll still cover you. It’s our way of giving you some breathing room, when you may need it most.  

There are some contracts that we are not able to offer this option on – we will confirm if your policy is one of them.

How it works 

You can defer your payment for three months. You’ll then need to carry on making your regular payments thereafter, from the 4th month, as well as repaying the deferred payment. We’ll send you a notification of the amounts and when we’ll take these. 

You’ll carry on getting the same benefits during this time, as long as you make your payments when they’re due. 

This isn’t a credit agreement and we won’t charge you any interest. We won’t speak to any credit reference agencies, nor will we pass on any information as part of your request. 

If you've had a payment deferral on your policy already, then you cannot apply. However, if you're suffering financial hardship please contact us.

Things to bear in mind when considering a payment deferral: 

  • Deferring your payment is only a temporary solution – it should only be used if your money problems are short term
  • If you think there’s going to be a longer-term impact on your finances, you should consider changing your level of cover, or the type of product you have
  • We strongly recommend that you speak to a financial advisor if you’re unsure of what to do. You can find a financial adviser on if you don't have one
  • Even though you don’t need to make the payments now, you’ll need to start making them again after three months

Important information and how to apply

You’ll need to read and agree to the important information to ask us for a payment deferral.  For the important information about your request, and to apply, please click the button below.

Your payment deferral questions answered

We’re sure you have plenty of questions about our payment deferrals, so we’ve tried to answer everything we can.

What is a payment deferral?

Who can apply for a payment deferral?

Will I need to pay this money back?

Is this available to new customers?

How long can I defer my payments for?

What if I don’t meet the eligibility criteria?

Will I be able to make changes to my policy if I have deferred my payment?

What products can I request payment deferral on?

How will I repay the deferred payment?

My policy is written under trust, can I still request a payment deferral?

Can I have another payment deferral on my policy?

Is any support available on debt management?

What if I'm unsure if a payment deferral is right for me?