Payment deferral scheme for policyholders with individual protection policies

You should only continue reading if your payments to Aviva are due annually, half-yearly, quarterly or termly. If you make your payments monthly, then you can find information on monthly deferrals here.

If this option is appropriate for you, then before submitting your request to Aviva, please take time to read the following important information. If you are unsure on any points, then please contact us.

Eligibility criteria

  • This option is only available where the existing terms and conditions of your policy do not allow payments to be missed or deferred. Your policy documents will confirm whether this applies to your policy
  • You are either the Policyholder or one of the joint Policyholders
  • Your policy must have started at least 6 months ago
  • You've not already taken a payment deferral on your policy

You can apply if: 

  • Your household finances have been negatively impacted as a result of the Coronavirus. For example, you’ve been made unemployed; are working fewer hours; are self-employed and unable to trade, or to trade at normal levels; and
  • You expect your household finances to recover by the end of the payment deferral period and will be able to make your normal payments and repayments when they become due

You can also apply if you’re acting for a business which holds a policy with Aviva if:

  • The business has been unable to trade at normal levels as a result of Coronavirus; and
  • You expect the business to be in a position to make normal payments and repayments when they are due after the payment deferral period

Aviva reserves the right to request evidence or make further enquiries on your circumstances before agreeing to your request to defer payments.


  • If your payment is due, or you’ve missed this payment, and Aviva is offering the payment deferral scheme you can request a deferral on the payment
  • 1 payment can be deferred for 3 months from the due date, as confirmed in your policy documents. This is not a credit agreement and no interest will be charged. Aviva will not consult any credit reference agency files or pass information on to them as part of this request
  • Subsequent payments, if due, must continue from the 4th month onwards and be paid in full
  • The deferred payment will be collected over a period of 9 months from the 4th month onwards. The total of the deferred payment will be divided equally by 9 and then that amount will be collected by direct debit. If subsequent payments are due within the 9 months collection period, then they will be payable along with that month’s payment
  • If you do not currently make your regular payments by Direct Debit, then you will need to set one up to collect the 9 monthly payments and we will confirm the collection dates and amounts.  You do not need to change your payment method for the usual regular payments
  • If the remaining term on your policy is less than 9 months, then the deferred payment will be collected equally over the remaining term, along with any regular payment, if due
  • We will stop the monthly collections of the deferred payment if you repay either the total deferred payment or the remaining outstanding balance at any time within the 9 months following the 4th month
  • The benefits provided by the policy will be maintained during the period in which payment is deferred and from the 4th month onwards, provided you continue to make payments when due
  • If you need to make a claim during the period of deferred payment or in the 9 months after, then any outstanding payments or balance of outstanding payments will be deducted from any claim value
  • If you cancel your policy during the period of deferred payment or in the 9 months after, then any outstanding payments or balance of outstanding payments will still be payable to Aviva
  • If you amend your policy during the period of deferred payment or in the 9 months after, then any outstanding payments or balance of outstanding payments will still be payable to Aviva

Processing this request

  • Providing you meet the eligibility criteria, confirmation of your revised future payments will be sent to you once we have processed your request. It is very important that you keep our confirmation safe, along with your policy documents
  • If we agree to your request, you may still receive communications from Aviva advising that premiums are outstanding or that your policy has been cancelled.  These are automated letters and, unfortunately, we are unable to stop them being issued
  • Don’t cancel any future payments. During the period of deferral we will not collect any payment from your bank however we require an active Direct Debit Instruction so that we can recommence future payments
  • When your payments restart, they will be taken on the same date using your current payment method
  • We reserve the right to refuse your payment deferral request if you don’t meet the eligibility criteria
  • We can’t reverse a deferral once it’s in place

To proceed, you need to meet the eligibility criteria and confirm on the application form that you agree to the important information on this page, including repayment of the deferred payment. If you’re happy to proceed, please use the form below.

Payment deferral application form

If you would like to apply for a payment deferral