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Why you should adopt a dog

8 reasons to adopt, not buy a pet

Benefits of adopting a dog

Many dog owners see their pet as part of the family. After all, dogs offer unconditional love, loyalty and companionship for years. 

If you’re thinking you’d like a furry friend to join your family, adopting one has many advantages. We’ve listed some of the benefits to adopt a dog and what to consider when it comes to pet insurance.

1. You’ll be giving a loving home to an abandoned or unwanted animal

Many dogs and other pets in animal shelters have been rescued from abuse, neglect or abandonment. You’d be giving these animals a second chance at a happy and healthy life.

2. You could save money

Dog rehoming centres often charge less than breeders, and they usually take care of microchipping and neutering or spaying the animals, so you’ll have fewer bills to pay. 

And for the vet fees you do need to pay, if your dog gets sick or the recommended annual check-up 1, pet insurance can help you save even more. 

3. You’ll be supporting animal charities

The money you give to the animal rescue for your dog will support the good work they do in looking after unwanted pets, and their spaying and neutering programmes, which help to manage stray animal populations.

4. You won’t be supporting puppy farms

Puppy farmers breed puppies purely for profit without properly taking care of them. By adopting a dog from a recognised animal shelter or home, you’re helping to resist these farms.

5. Your dog’s vaccinations may already be up to date

Animal shelters usually vaccinate all their animals, so you wouldn’t need to get these done. Just make sure to check exactly which vaccinations your dog has had, to prevent disease and to ensure that your pet insurance is valid. 

6. You may not have to housetrain your dog

Many dogs in adoption centres have already been socialised, so you wouldn’t need to worry about the sometimes unpleasant task of teaching your dog where to go to the toilet.

7. You get to choose from a wide variety of dogs 

While many people who adopt have an idea of the sort of dog they’d like, there’s a wide variety of breeds, ages and personality of dog at most rehoming centres. You may find when you visit one that you bond with a dog you never would’ve thought of buying.

You shouldn’t have to worry about whether the dog can be insured either – we cover all breeds of dog except those on the UK Dangerous Dogs Act list 2

8. You may realise an adult dog suits you better

Many of the animals at shelters are older dogs. They might not have the cuteness of puppies, but they can be calmer and easier to care for. They may also have more developed personalities with a bit more life experience, so you can see whether you match.  

Our pet insurance covers dogs of up to 9 years of age (although, once covered there’s no upper age limit). If you decide to adopt a puppy, be aware that our Pet Insurance starts when your pup is 8 weeks old. 

There’s growing evidence that having a pet is beneficial to your health. You can read more on this in our guides to the advantages and drawbacks of owning a pet and how growing up with a pet can benefit children.

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