Hair Hacks

Hair Hacks

Use dry shampoo to help detangle hair

During hectic mornings, it can be a real achievement to get everyone out of the front door on time. Hair preparation is one of the main time consumers; waiting for hair to be washed, dried, combed and styled to last the day.

Whittle understands that ‘getting ready in the morning can be extra painful’ for children with long hair which is prone to getting knotty. If you’re short on time, she recommends that you ‘spray your child’s hair with dry shampoo when they go to bed the night before. In the morning the hair will be clean and easy to comb through.’

Have a hairbrush on stand-by

When you’re in the morning rush and hurrying to get your children ready for school, it’s a common problem that your essentials go missing when you need them the most.

For a quick tip,  Whittle suggests that you keep ‘bobbles wrapped around the handle of your hairbrush just inside the front door to avoid last-minute hair panics.’

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