Routine Hacks

Routine Hacks

Get organised the night before

Family blogger Cass Bailey  reveals that her ‘best advice for being organised when the kids go back to school is to have a routine when they come in from school.’

Completing small tasks in the evenings can save lots of time the next day before school the next day. These might include signing letters, putting bookbags away, packing belongings and having uniform laid out ready to get dressed in the morning. 

Take photos on your mobile

As busy parents, it’s easy to forget your children’s schedules, extra-curricular activities or other school messages. By taking snaps of any important notes, letters or weekly schedules, you’ll be able to quickly check your phone and jog your memory. This will save you from forgetting when and where you need to be, or rummaging through paperwork to find the information you’re looking for. 

Full-time Mum and parent blogger Sally Whittle uses this trick for her daughter Flea’s timetable:  ‘I have a shocking memory of what activities happen on which days,’ Whittle explains. ‘So I took a photo of Flea’s weekly schedule and I set it as my phone’s wallpaper – now every time I pick up my phone (far too many times a day to admit to) I get a quick visual reminder of where I should be and when.’  

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