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  • 90% of workers who receive a bonus miss out on a government top up

    Employees across the UK are missing out on a government top up, in the form of tax relief, because of the choices they are making when paid a bonus by their employer.
  • Aviva comments on the incredible shrinking one pound coin

  • Aviva invests in technology thats detects early signs of cancer

    Aviva Ventures, Aviva plc’s venture capital arm, today announces its investment in Owlstone Medical Ltd, a medical diagnostics company developing a breathalyser that can detect diseases at a very early stage. The company is currently developing tests for lung and colorectal cancer, two of the most common terminal cancer conditions worldwide. Aviva Ventures’ investment takes Owlstone Medical’s total funding to $23.5 million USD (£19.3 million GBP) since its spin out of Owlstone Inc in 2016. 
  • Aviva comments on Cridland Review of the state pension age

    The State Pension is cherished by the British people. Aviva’s own research identified that an overwhelming 98% of people viewed it as being important to society and any changes must therefore be undertaken with care and widespread consideration. We believe that the Cridland Review is rising to these needs.
  • Stretched to the limit – half of UK families cannot survive a month on their savings if ill health strikes

    Aviva’s Protecting Our Families report shows that many families have little or no margin to cope with unforeseen events such as ill health, with the average family having just £2,004 in savings and non-pension investments to keep them afloat compared to £2,606 in monthly outgoings on essentials such as groceries, bills and their mortgage or rent. 

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