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  • Inequality worsens as savings gap grows 25% and homeownership levels fall for low income families

    Inequality is on the rise, with the difference in financial fortunes between low and high income families becoming starker over the past year, according to Aviva’s latest Family Finances Report. At the same time, families are also facing increased financial pressure from stalling incomes and savings, combined with rising debt and inflation fears. 
  • A third of UK families use phones during meal times

    Research from Aviva insurance reveals that technology is proving a blessing and a curse to UK households, with a mixed bag of pros and cons relating to family life. A study of almost 2,800 adults across the UK found that 80% say technology has had a positive effect on their lives, compared to just 13% who feel it has had a negative impact. However, the positive headline figure is far from clear cut, with three quarters admitting there have been some downsides to the technological revolution in their homes.
  • Aviva comments on new ONS Family spending data, 2016

    Today’s official data on family spending habits across the UK reports that the average weekly household spending has remained level at £528.90 in the financial year ending 2016. This stalling has been attributed to a slowdown in consumer confidence, despite a period of economic growth and a moderate rise in wages.
  • UK Cohabitees have greater financial risk, as confusion reigns over legal and benefit entitlements

    Nearly two million UK cohabitees (51%) say government policies are weighted in favour of married couples, but many are still confused about the financial risks they are running, Aviva’s Family Finances research shows.
  • Aviva Age Inflation Index: Inflation is back for those in retirement

    Aviva comments on today's ONS inflation figures and highlights how price rises are back for all ages, and the gaps between ages are narrowing, but the under-30s continue to experience the highest inflation.

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