Morley launches aggressive pooled fund range

Article date: 1 October 2001

Morley Pooled Pensions Limited ('Morley'), the pooled pensionsbusiness of Morley Fund Management is launching four new aggressivefunds.

Specialist Global Equity - Target 3.0% outperformance ofbenchmark. First fund to be managed by Michael Jennings sincejoining Morley.

Specialist Managed - Target 2.5% outperformance of CAPSBalanced Median. Uses the expertise of Morley's 8 strong strategyand economics team to consistently add value via assetallocation.

Specialist UK Equity - Target 3.0% outperformance of FTSEAll Share Index. Managed by Iain Brown, senior fund manager withinMorley's leading Pan European pension fund team.

UK Core Plus Bond Fund - Target 1.0% outperformance ofbenchmark. One of the first aggressive bond funds to be launched bya Pooled Pension fund manager, providing an enhanced return from arelatively safe asset class.

These funds add to the 25 pooled funds already on offer fromMorley which include three SRI funds; Managed, UK Equity and GlobalEquity. Morley now offers one of the most comprehensive ranges ofinvestment funds and customised benchmarks to meet the needs ofboth defined benefit and defined contribution pension schemes.

In addition Morley have been adding further expertise to theirpooled fund team with a series of key appointments. Lyndsey Pillingjoined from Northern Trust Global Investments in August as amanager with responsibility for pooled fund sales and Paul Daviesand Cindy Ong joined last year to head up pooled fundoperations.

Commenting on the launch, Philip Beale, Head of Pooled Fundsat Morley said:

"We are very pleased to announce the launch of the aggressivepooled funds which complement our extensive pooled fund rangecovering all major asset classes and markets. We have had asuccessful first half of the year in pooled funds taking more than£100m in new business. These days offering clients choice isbecoming increasingly important, especially as the move towards DCcontinues. We believe that the addition of these high performancefunds provides pension fund investors with an unparalleled range ofinvestments. Defined Contribution is a growing part of the UKpension fund market and Defined Benefit schemes continue to mature,we have responded to these trends by developing a range of fundswhich offer modest, moderate and aggressive risk profiles to meetthe needs of all our investors."

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For further information please contact

Morley Fund Management
Philip Beale
Tel: 020 7809 6127 
Penrose Financial
Sally Todd
Tel: 020 7786 4882
Caroline Deutsch
Tel: 020 7786 4871

Notes to Editors

Morley Pooled Pensions is an associate business of Morley FundManagement. It has a range of 29 pooled funds, including 3 SRIfunds and has £2.4bn funds under management.

Morley Fund Management is an independently managed, Londonbased, asset management business with £106 billion undermanagement. It has investment management operations in London,Boston, Tokyo and Singapore.

Morley is a wholly owned subsidiary of the CGNU Group andmanages institutional funds under the Morley brand. It also acts asinvestment manager for a range of retail investment funds, marketedunder the Norwich Union brand.

CGU plc and Norwich Union plc merged on 30 May 2000 to createCGNU plc, the UK's largest insurance group and one of the top-fiveinsurers in Europe with substantial positions in other marketsaround the world, making it the world's sixth largest insurer basedon gross worldwide premiums.

Morley Pooled Pensions Limited
Morley Pooled Pensions has developed a range of 29 investment fundsoffering modest, medium and aggressive risk profiles. Investors canchoose from the following:

Managed Funds
Growth Managed Fund
Balanced Managed Fund
Sentinel Managed Fund

UK Equity Funds
UK Equity Fund
UK Smaller Companies Fund

International Equity Funds
International Equity Fund
American Equity Fund
European Equity Fund
Japanese Equity Fund
South East Asian Equity Fund
Emerging Markets International Fund

Specialist Funds
Specialist Managed Fund
Specialist UK Equity Fund
Specialist Global Equity Fund (benchmark: 50% UK FTSE All Share,50% FTSE World Index ex UK)

SRI Funds
SRI Managed Fund
SRI UK Equity Fund
SRI Global Equity Fund

Index Tracking Funds
UK Index Tracking Fund
International Index Tracking Fund
Global Index Tracking Fund

UK Fixed Interest Funds
UK Fixed Interest Fund
UK Core Plus Fund (benchmark: 75%FTSE Govt 5-15yr Gilts, 25% FTSEGovt over 15 yrs Gilts)
Retirement Protection Fund

Other Bond Funds
Index-Linked Securities Fund
Corporate Bond Fund
Long-dated Corporate Bond Fund
International Bond Fund

Other Funds
Property Fund
Deposit Fund

Further information on Morley Pooled Pensions Limited can befound at

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Morley Fund Management is a business name of Morley FundManagement Limited (incorporated in England with Registered No.1151805 and Registered Office 1 Poultry London EC2R 8EJ) andNorwich Union Investment Management Limited (incorporated inEngland with Registered No. 2152949 and Registered Office 8 SurreyStreet Norwich NR1 3NG) both regulated by IMRO.

Morley Pooled Pensions Limited registered in England no.1059606. Regulated by the Personal Investment Authority. A memberof the Association of British Insurers. Represents only the NorwichUnion Marketing Group, members of which are regulated by thePersonal Investment Authority. Registered office: 1 Poultry, LondonEC2R 8EJ.

All are members of the CGNU Group.

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