Norwich Union funds 1,500 breaks for carers

Article date: 23 May 2002

Norwich Union has donated £100,000 to the Princess Royal Trustfor Carers (PRTC), to help 1,500 carers and their families acrossthe UK to take a free break at Pontin's Holiday Centre inBlackpool.

The holiday will take place during National Carers Week from 8-15June 2002 and will be the second year that The Princess Royal Trustfor Carers has been able to offer these breaks to carers. Thefeedback from the 'Break for Carers 2001' showed that many carersused the week to recharge their batteries for their return to thecaring role.

Norwich Union has also been able to recognise and reward staff whoare carers by offering 30 places on the holiday, which will includea street party and gala cabaret performance.

Five staff, one a children's entertainer in his spare time, havealso volunteered to assist with the week's activities, which willinclude salsa dancing classes, Indian head massage and TaiChi.

Commenting on Norwich Union's support for 'Break for Carers', DavidCzerwinski, head of sponsorship and community at Norwich Union,said: "The Princess Royal Trust for Carers plays a crucial role inrecognising the work of voluntary carers and we are delighted tosupport the Trust, contributing an annual £100,000 for the nextthree years.

"The 'Break for Carers' week gives carers a well-deserved change ofscene and we're also pleased that a number of Norwich Union staff,who are also carers, are able to benefit."

Alison Ryan, chief executive of The Princess Royal Trust for Carerssaid: "We are enormously grateful to Norwich Union for enabling1,500 carers to take a break and to Pontins for hosting theweek.

"Many carers are amongst the most deprived members of our societyand more than a million care for over 50 hours each week. We'redelighted to be able to offer some of them a much-neededholiday."


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Note to editors:

  • Norwich Union will be working in partnership with threecharities over the next three years: Breakthrough Breast Cancer,Cruse Bereavement Care and the Princess Royal Trust for Carers.Each charity will receive a donation of £100,000 each year forthree years. Norwich Union also supports a charity, chosen bystaff, where the company matches staff fundraising pound forpound. The company also supports a range of other initiatives tosupport staff who are actively involved in their localcommunity.
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  • Britain has nearly 6 million carers, and one in six householdscontain a carer. A carer is someone who looks after, or helps tolook after, a relative, friend or neighbour who because ofdisability, frailty or illness is unable to look afterthemselves.
    Men are almost as likely as women to be carers - 42% of carers aremen.
  • The Princess Royal Trust for Carers was founded on theinitiative of HRH The Princess Royal in 1991. Through its uniquenetwork of 113 carers centres, it helps over 100,000 carers acrossthe UK. The 1,500 holidays for carers have been offered throughThe Princess Royal Trust for Carers network of CarersCentres.

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