Fire service strike sounds alarm for homeowners

Article date: 13 November 2002

Parents believe it’s the family’s responsibility toteach children about fire safety – yet fewer than two thirdshave done a fire drill at home.

While workplace fire drills are commonplace, they are few andfar between at home, says a fire safety survey of more than 1,500parents, from Norwich Union Insurance published today.

With the UK awaiting news of the threatened fireman’sstrike, the study reveals a nation which is anxious about thedanger of fire yet lax about key areas of its prevention.

It shows that 45 per cent of people are more worried aboutsafety because of the possible strike.

Despite this, nearly a quarter of families have never discussedwhat to do if there’s a blaze at home while almost nine in 10have failed to tell houseguests the fire procedure.

Meanwhile only one in three homes has a fire extinguisher.

Norwich Union’s fire safety survey also shows:

  • Homeowners are more worried about fire than any other homedisaster. 60 per cent named it the biggest fear, compared with 20per cent for weather damage
  • Only 30 per cent of people have a fire extinguisher in thehome and a mere 14 per cent have a fire blanket
  • 72 per cent of people believe the family should teach kidsabout fire safety, 12 per cent say schools
  • Less than 10 per cent of homes don’t have smokealarms
  • Just under one third of householders regularly use candles athome

Jill Willis, household market development manager at NorwichUnion Insurance, said: “There seems to be a odd attitude tofire safety in Britain. We know the dangers, we fear the dangers,yet most of us are not organised enough to run through a fire drillwith our families.

“And yet, an increasing number of homes in the UK has asmoke alarm fitted. This proves that the public does respond tofire safety issues when it wants to. Clearly, people just need toextend their precautions into every appropriate area.”

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