Construction industry faces new legislation

Article date: 25 July 2003

Construction industry managers need to act now to protectthemselves against new breeds of occupational disease claims, warnsNorwich Union Risk Services.

New regulations are being introduced because of the EU Directiveon Physical Agents (Vibration) will make it easier for employees tosue for damages.

The proposed regulations, which go out for consultation thismonth will require employers to identify where workers are at riskfrom vibration white finger – a condition that can result innerve and muscle damage and bone and joint disorders – andtake active steps to reduce their exposure to a minimum level.Failure to comply can result in criminal prosecutions.

Teresa Budworth, training and consultancy manager at NorwichUnion Risk Services, said: “Construction industry managersneed to act now – users of road breakers and other vibrationtools are most at risk.

“Waiting until this directive becomes law may be too lateas the cost of legal action could put smaller construction firmsout of business. Employees who develop vibration white finger canfind themselves permanently disabled. They can already sue theiremployer for negligence. The new regulations will simply make iteasier for a civil action to be brought by spelling out exactlywhat is expected of the employer.

“Work-related injuries are an area that the courts aretaking increasingly seriously. In a test case in 1997, the HighCourt awarded more than £100,000 to miners suffering from vibrationwhite finger.

Choosing work equipment to minimise vibration, implementing jobrotation, carrying out user training and regularly maintainingpower tools are just some of the steps we’d adviseconstruction companies to take.”

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