Broken hearts mended thanks to Norwich Union Healthcare

Article date: 8 February 2004

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, it's the time of yearwhen hearts can be broken if a card fails to land on the mat.

The good news though is that Norwich Union Healthcare was ableto mend 440 hearts last year by enabling its Private MedicalInsurance (PMI) customers to have much needed heart operations.

Heart disease has become the number one killer in the UK inrecent years - not only are 120,000 people dying every year,* but67,447 heart operations are carried out annually,** according tothe British Heart Foundation.

And they warn that there are four main lifestyle factors thatcontribute to coronary heart disease: smoking, high blood pressure,blood cholesterol and physical inactivity.

This is one of the many reasons why Norwich Union Healthcarelaunched its web-based health service called Personal HealthManager, which includes tools that it believes can help people stayhealthy.

A key element of Personal Health Manager is its Health Planner -which is perfect for people wanting to assess their current stateof health and who want a tailored health plan to help them changehabits for the better and keep them on track.

Dr Doug Wright, clinical development manager at Norwich UnionHealthcare, said: "Now that coronary heart disease has become thebiggest killer in this country - accounting for one in four deathsin men and one in six in women - it is clear that this is an areaof major concern for the health of our nation.

"If we all take the simple steps needed to maintain a healthyheart we can improve our chances of living longer. Our HealthPlanner can help you do this by offering advice and tips on how tostay healthy as well as providing information about any healthconcerns that you may have."

The statistics are issued by Norwich Union Healthcare as part ofits continued promotion of its Health Planner and MedicalEncyclopaedia health information site.

This comprehensive information source, which is part of NorwichUnion Healthcare's online Personal Health Manager,,helps users to create tailored health plans to change their habitsfor the better and avoid ill-health. It also contains over 1,000pages of illustrated medical information from the latest edition ofthe Complete Family Health Guide published by DorlingKindersley.

Personal Health Manager offers round-the-clock help, advice andinformation for Norwich Union Healthcare customers and theirfamilies. It also provides access to a 24-hour GP Helpline. Theservice is available to Individual and Group Private MedicalInsurance customers of Norwich Union Healthcare as part of thepolicy benefits available to them.

And Norwich Union Healthcare has set up a 30 day free trial ofPersonal Health Manager - including the Health Planner and MedicalEncyclopaedia.

Simply visit, click on 'FirstTime User' and follow the on-screen instructions.***


Media contacts:
Jo Misson or Charlotte Ruddlesdin at QBO Bell Pottinger on 020 78612424
Lorna Wiltshire at Norwich Union Press Office on 01904 723 236 or07788 471 849

Notes to editors:
Journalists wanting alimited free trial for Personal Health Manager, please and log in as a first time userwith the access code: C216468C6. Once you have logged in, this codewill allow you to trial Personal Health Manager as a registereduser from now until 31 March 2004***. DO NOT PUBLISH THIS ACCESSCODE - IT IS FOR JOURNALIST USE ONLY.

*Total number of coronary heart disease deaths each year.British Heart Foundation 2001 figures.

**Total number of angioplasty operations, bypass surgery andother coronary intervention procedures. British Heart Foundation2001 figures.

***The GP Helpline is not available as part of the trial.Personal Health Manager is strictly available for use in, and byresidents of the UK, Isle of Man and Channel Islands only.

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