Advice regarding flood-affected vehicles from RAC

Article date: 12 October 2005

Last night's floods will have left thousands of vehiclesaffected by water and turning on the ignition could cause furtherextensive and costly damage, warns motoring organisation RAC.

"Modern vehicles are full of electrical and electronic systemswhich are adversely affected by water," said RAC patrol of the yearJason Burrell.

"Water damage can lead to expensive repair costs and futureunexpected failure. We would advise motorists to get their vehicleprofessionally checked as soon as possible."

If your vehicle has been standing in floodwater, depending on thelevel of the water, the following precautions should be taken:

  • If the level of flooding has entered the foot wells (wetcarpets) and the vehicle is fitted with an airbag, do not turn theignition on. It is important to have the vehicle professionallyexamined
  • If the vehicle is not fitted with airbags, there may still bea risk of electrical short circuit that can cause further damageto your vehicle. Again, do not turn the ignition on and have thevehicle professionally examined
  • For vehicles where flooding has not entered the foot wells(dry carpets) the braking system of your vehicle may have beenaffected
  • If your vehicle has been stood in the flooded area for anyprolonged period contact your local dealer for further advice
  • If your vehicle has only been in a flood for a short periodand no water has entered the vehicle, drive with extreme cautionand take the vehicle to be checked at the earliestopportunity
  • If your vehicle cuts out after driving through deep water, donot attempt to restart it as engine damage may occur, instead callfor assistance and have the vehicle professionally examined.

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