Norwich Union International launches 12 new funds

Article date: 8 January 2003

Norwich Union International Limited, Norwich Union's offshore company, has launched 12 new funds under the Norwich International Portfolio Bond and three funds have been added to the Norwich International Investment Bond.

The introduction of these new funds brings Norwich Union International's portfolio of funds to over a hundred. The new funds demonstrate how quality fund selection is a cornerstone of Norwich Union International's proposition to the market.

Within the fund range, two new fund managers have been included - New Star and Edinburgh. Access to these new fund managers introduces three new funds to their portfolio: Norwich New Star Higher Income, Norwich New Star European and Norwich Edinburgh Monthly Income Portfolio.

Paul Sherlin, marketing director, Norwich Union International, said: "We have carried out a comprehensive fund review todemonstrate our continuing commitment to provide a wide range of quality funds. We are delighted to be able to offer investors aportfolio of over a hundred funds through our Portfolio Bond. The 12 new funds are a logical addition to our current portfolio. Our increasingly wide range of funds means that IFAs and Investors have more and more choice from which to make their funds election".

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